same gig, new line

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watercress and endive salad, fettuccine with shrimp. notice the motive ring? separate post coming soon… 
dishing it out, merci
yeah, no KETO, sorry
totally missing her…

Spent the weekend cooking, shocker, and getting two college girls back to school, and setting up new clothes.

Cooking and clothes, same gig, new line.

Sure, change, not easy. Loved having them home, yet they need to go.

all about a v-neck
folded knits…
leather pants and spring sweater on a Sunday afternoon in January, thinking this piece needs a swimsuit and a yacht, hahah
Miriam, thank you.

Kind of like work, you’ll never know until you try. Carlisle, here we come. In town until February 11th.

Short post, it’s Monday. xoxo

the long run

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Never a huge jewelry person, I wear a few special pieces round the clock and only on occasion change it up. Dear husband has gifted practically the entire lot to mark time and special occasions. Only once did I buy precious earrings, and that was when I thought I lost one of the diamond studs I wore daily for twenty plus years. Didn’t have the heart to confess the missing stone, so bought a small pair of hoops to fill the holes for several months, and then found the missing earring under a chair in the bedroom while vacuuming. Passed that small pair of diamond hoops onto fourth daughter when she started her first semester of college this past fall.

While raising a half dozen babies changing earrings for the day never really crossed my mind, and who really had the time or the energy. Factor in taking something small off of value and the risk of losing or misplacing it simply hugely escalated, it was a very busy time.

Engagement ring, wedding band, watch, simple earrings, and a stunning diamond ring husband gifted me when he turned fifty are my tattoos of choice – they are the daily forever look. While in NYC for thirtieth wedding anniversary, that’s a big one, purposely walked arm in arm into Cartier on Fifth Avenue to peruse the goods. We were celebrating love, so the Love Bracelet was my desire. Dear husband likes to fulfill desire, so a white gold Love Bracelet with four small diamonds marked our three decades of marriage.

In turn, we gifted our oldest daughter the yellow gold version for Christmas last year. She was newly engaged, and we wanted to commemorate this special time in her life with something lasting, and that she could wear on her wedding day. I knew the classic look would complement any dress she chose, and we wanted to bless her pledge to love and marriage, and inspire her in going for the long run.

This piece of jewelry, designed in 1969, has a locking mechanism and requires the small included screwdriver to wear and remove the bracelet. The playful permanence of wearing this speaks to my heart, and of our commitment to love and family.

The long run is not easy, like our tenets of every day dress; making the bed, protein at breakfast, putting on good clothes and maybe some makeup, walking or exercise or anything that moves your body, work that feels meaningful, making some dinner, and most importantly spending time with those you love, it requires consistent effort and attention. In our world it’s this daily effort and attention that yields the far biggest reward, a rich life of family togetherness.

Like that bracelet, our family feels secure, sure there is struggle and tears and vulnerability and change, yet the circle continues with goodness, and joy.

And now, I digress: personally, I am fully and deeply committed to husband and family and passionate about feeding those I love. Professionally, and also personally as there is for sure crossover, I help dress many beautiful women. For eighteen years, since the birth of our youngest daughter, I’ve been aligned with Worth New York, and it’s been a good, long run. Not married to the company, and after much thought and reflection, I’ve chosen in this new year to venture out try something new; a new challenge, a new line, a new look, a new company.

Yesterday, my colleague and I met in our studio and outlined our launch. These first strides are unsteady, and a little uncertain. Carlisle, thank you for the opportunity. We’re digging in, and giving it a solid good go. Let’s see how we do.

Every day dress, the long run.

all photos: Sarah Bridgeman

a birthday crown

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Seven years ago while in Sonoma CA bought a paper crown for Lizzie’s thirteenth birthday. She wore it when we returned home for a New Year’s Day family brunch celebration, wore it again for a more formal sweet sixteen at a private dance party with all her teenage friends, and wore it last night for a small family dinner to celebrate turning twenty.

Like a special dress you can take out and wear again and again for special occasions, love that she checked into the china cabinet where this special paper crown is kept and displayed, and topped it on her head. Love that at twenty she wears what she wore at thirteen. Simple style endures.

As for me, I’m wearing this year’s black silk blouse, sleeves rolled for cooking, and new higher waisted black leather jeans. Last year’s silk scarf tied at the waist as a belt, and good to go. Simple style works.

coconut cake
she set the table, yellow roses are so her

Happy Birthday dear Elizabeth. May your twentieth year be as brilliant and beautiful as you are. xoxo

just like that

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We’ve been settled in city-side eating, drinking, and making merry, and just like that it’s a brand new year. Every day dress has been on the mind every day and so today thought I would give it some love first thing before anything else because tomorrow this sharing will probably be a day too late.

I’ve been in the kitchen with king crab legs, rack of lamb, beef tenderloin, mashed potatoes, haricots verts, roasted tomatoes, scrambled eggs, ham, cinnamon rolls, cookies no one eats, bolognase, beef bourguignon, celery and apple salad, and creme brûlée. Oh, and a chocolate cake too, yikes.

yeah, I made all tbis food , crazy
photo is off center,  oh,  well
celery and apple salad to off-set twelve creme brulees
New Years Eve dinner at home in the kitchen

Obviously I have a deep need to feed those I love.

Checked a cold off the list too that had me leveled for two days straight but not talking about that anymore.

Today is fifth child’s twentieth birthday and like most family birthdays for us we’re celebrating at home.

Sending love all over to wherever and however you celebrate to you and yours and best wishes for a bright new year.


Oh, and Word Press has auto updated to a block format that I have no idea how to use and this post has been done from my phone as it’s the only way I can get it to work. So much to learn….

state of affairs

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Let’s not be fooled, Christmas time can be one hot heck of a mess. Cards, gifts, food, decor, a party or two, what to wear, and if you’re like us you kinda hustle and make it all happen.

I did the indoor trees with lights, husband did the outdoor. Went to market this morning fresh out of bed and spent everything I had.

Expectations, feelings, fleeting moments, it’s all happening now and then boom, all done.

Merry little Christmas everyone.


gift wrap, simple colors

winter capsule

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Our team is rounding in the fall winter 18 fashion season while feverishly prepping to enjoy all holiday gatherings and the ringing in of the new year. Everyone is on the go go – shopping, cleaning, cooking, baking, decorating, travel, getting kids home from school, work work work. Doing all this stuff requires clothing (optional?), and sometimes it’s best to keep it tight. 

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few essential items of clothing that can be worn over and over.  The term capsule wardrobe was coined by Susie Faux, owner of the London boutique ‘Wardrobe’, in the 1970’s. Donna Karan popularized it here in the 80’s by releasing a capsule collection of seven interchangeable work-wear pieces. While not shiny or colorful, the concept works.  You can always mix in a few trend pieces. 

black turtleneck, black skinny trouser
Worth New York

black silk blouse with tie, black silk skirt
Worth New York
ultra luxurious black suede dress, feel free to layer a blouse, tee, or bodysuit underneath
thank you Michelle of Black White + Kuhl  

You know we love black, so here are a few of our current picks for this busy, challenging, and most wonderful time of the year, eye roll. 

silk blouse with tie as belt
silk skirt woth graphic tee
and now for some fun add a sequin mini t-shirt dress, wink wink

routine and habit

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While working corporate in the fashion world as a recruiter decided to start a blog. Being a homebody yet also required to be on the road thought it would be a way to create community, and maybe motivate and inspire. Working with primarily women, my writing and content is focused on wardrobe, food, home, and family.

The name, every day dress, is based on pursuing an elevated lifestyle, reaching up and out to make the every day just a bit extra. It’s premise, that by creating daily habits and routines based on some simple practices, life can be rewarding, rich, and more beautiful. What we’re big about: make your bed, walk the dog(s), eat protein for breakfast, wear good clothes, try a little makeup, make some dinner, enjoy a glass of wine, spend time with those you love.

A new year typically brings in a round of resolutions for most, and then maybe a hangover or regret when not resolved. Never fond of or a keeper of resolutions, we just can’t seem to make them stick. We rely instead on routine and habit. And trying things again day after day.

A usual order and way of doing things keeps us steady. Every morning, without fail, we make the bed, setting a feeling of calm, and organization. This simple task, requiring only minutes, starts the day with accomplishment.

Our morning routine also includes coffee, as habit. Two cups for sure, maybe more, maybe less, yet always coffee.

We’ve been exercise addicts since childhood, when standing upside down on our head and turning a somersault felt simply joyful. Now we know we’re really only one good workout away from a good or better mood, and why not grab this first thing. For sure workout routines evolve, and we’ve practiced many: running, weight-lifting, yoga, kick-boxing, personal training sessions, long walks outdoors with the dogs or without and even active time in the garden and house-keeping. Whatever it is, being active, and most often first thing before breakfast, is mind and body beneficial. 

Breakfast is most often eggs, cholesterol whatever, a piece of toast, and any greens we can find. Leftover salad is good, honestly, cold from the fridge or heated in a pan. Bacon when we’ve got a big day or when we’re being fancy.

We believe in the power of good clothes, and that when you feel good in what you wear you have a better day. A better day could be more productive, more memorable, more comfortable in any situation you find yourself in, or simply an easier, more graceful day. What you wear counts, so we like to wear nice clothes, and encourage those in our tribe to do the same.

Makeup is good too, or any regular grooming habit. Taking time for self-care, while feeling good for yourself, actually shows respect for others. The act itself of applying makeup is kind of like taking extra care in setting the table when expecting guests, it just shows extra care. We’re not about going overboard in makeup or tables capes, simply about putting a little effort into the every day.

The time between the morning routine and the evening meal is generally the work day. Hopefully we’re all engaged in work we find meaningful, and then comes dinner.

If I’m being honest I can tell you I think about dinner upon waking or even the night before. In our world making and having dinner is often the absolute highlight of any given day. Add people, and wine, and bingo, the perfect trifecta. The coming together for a shared meal trumps any restrictive new year resolution. Instead of resolving to lose weight, spend less, exercise more, we’re about taking the daily stuff and adding to it and making it better.

Regular routines and habits are the solid foundation of living well. We all need dinner, let’s come together and make it nice. After, of course, making our bed, first thing.

Happy New Year, Happy New Day.


trimmed and tied, always ongoing

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black sweater, blue denim, suede flat, lots of green

Still getting settled after Thanksgiving week and now entering holiday mode, oh, boy. We’ve done this before, yet there’s always those moments of uncertainty when you think you just can’t get there. One year when staging and decorating for husband’s office Christmas party with major event designer sister from CA, she said, ‘you can never be done’, and I still think of that. Any party or event or dinner or holiday or even wedding planning could just keep going and going. Now I tell myself to give it a really good strong effort and then at some point just let it be enough.

We’ve got trees, some decorated, some not. Some with skirts, and some without. Twenty year old daughter hung some of the ornaments while home from break and I wasn’t even in the room with her. We chatted, room to room, her hanging, me cooking, and I just let her be. Years past or even recent years I might have micro-managed, this tree decorating I can totally let go.

Card writing is giving me anxiety, and we’ve even got a great photo or two this year. The actual card is on order, and that’s two steps ahead of where we usually are in this production process. We’ve looked at stamps, no decision yet. Details details.

easiest dinner ever is to have your butcher trim and tie a whole tenderloin, pop it in a super hot oven for 22 minutes or so, let rest, and carve

We had a full house, and I cooked and baked my head off. Tenderloin, ham, turkey. Potatoes, beans, pasta. Cinnamon rolls, pies, cakes. Bacon bacon and bacon. Wine wine and more wine. Can you tell where this is going?

probably spent 16+ hours or so in an apron

new French food processor, needs to go back, Pulse button not working!

This most wonderful time of the year is by any stretch not easy. Trimmed and tied, perhaps, yet always ongoing….

big chunk of blue and chopped tarragon

birthday wedge and bolognese for fourteen, kind of standard. this was after Thanksgiving and there wasn’t a clean white linen left in the house, so, mismatched it was

bought two $40 bouquets at grocery and had oldest daughter cut them down into 11 small arrangements in canning jars, a look she totally dismissed for wedding vibe, hahaha (and agree) 

Merry merry, hustle hustle.

always happy and forever in blue jeans baby

Every day dress, xoxo.


set stylist

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While my first inclination was to name this post ‘home stylist’, couldn’t get myself to do it while I’m being extravagant in wake of the California wildfires. We’ve been dealing with  house-wide flooding issues and some serious health stuff, yet nothing comes close to neighborhoods being leveled, lives being lost, children wearing face masks, and our hearts are with those in one of our favorite states.

You know we’re about good clothes and great food, and creating a lifestyle that speaks to luxury, whatever that may mean to each of us. One of our current favorite aspirational brands is Gucci, and their recent statement to me by email reads:

In solidarity with Gucci employees, clients, and friends in California, we are supporting the relief efforts in the local communities that have been affected by the devastating California wildfires.

Gucci has donated to the following organizations, and you can join us by making your pledge to the charity of your choice.

American Red Cross

Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation

The Humane Society of the United States

Malibu Foundation

United Way of Northern California

Gucci Equilibrium

This is the heart of Gucci’s mission to bring positive change in order to secure our collective future.

Gucci, you moved me to give. Please know you’re in the lineup for some of my Christmas gift spending dollars, thank you.

We here at every day dress can’t move mountains or put out fires, we do want we can and always try to make small things better. Wardrobe, food, home, or set stylist, it’s kind of our thing.

Two college daughters and newlyweds arrive home tomorrow to celebrate Thanksgiving, and we just can’t wait to put our arms around them and be in their face.

In preparation I almost get manic, try to make things nice, and runaround securing supplies for both indoor and outdoor spaces. As a ‘set stylist’, current project is the 10 outdoor planters scattered about the city house. Thought long and hard and even pulled the trigger on pre-made and decorated grocery planters, and bought 10 yesterday morning while at market. Got them home, and while beautiful, they just weren’t giving me the look or feeling I was after. Back they went, all within an hour and 15 minutes.

Decided to YouTube outdoor planters, and with some new inspiration pulled out the iPhone and called around to local nurseries for fresh-cut greens, and in particular red twig dogwood branches. Found a source, thank you Elber’s, and off we went. An SUV full later, two planters in, and we’re on our way to a natural, pretty, and evergreen holiday look for the outside of our still standing home.

California, wishing you peace, calm, and recovery.

Every day dress, xoxo.

all photos iPhone / MacBook Pro went black / in for video card repair


dressing the bird

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Yeah, the blog has taken a backseat to life’s happenings, and I miss it. Writing here is honestly a bit of a creative exercise, and exercise is always better when it’s a regular thing, wink wink.  

With Thanksgiving Day a week from tomorrow, thought it might be a good time for reentry by sharing my first published piece, Dressing the Bird. Never mind it’s a neighborhood publication, it feels good to have something I wrote actually in hard copy print, thank you Megan. We’re all about trying new things, putting yourself out there a little, and taking small risks. So, here we go, sharing with you my submission for Delaware Park Living magazine:

Dressing the Bird

First Thanksgiving dinner thirty-one November’s ago we brought to the table a partially frozen bird. Who knew you couldn’t make the Wednesday night bar rounds, sleep a few hours, wake up early, run the oldest foot race in America and do Thanksgiving dinner soup to nuts all in a few hours?
That was our first married holiday meal, and we invited guests. Mom showed up early afternoon and wondered why the turkey wasn’t in the oven and I really didn’t know why either. Simply jumped in with no experience and went to town. Can’t remember how I ever got dinner on the table and fed my people, yet it did happen, and it was memorable.
Now, three decades later, six kids, a new son-in-law, and we’ve got it down. There’s got to be two turkeys, (and now we cook them just fine), good old-fashioned bread stuffing, cooked cranberry sauce with cinnamon and orange, green beans, double amounts of mashed potatoes, candied yams with of course marshmallows on top, roasted Brussels sprouts, soft, buttery dinner rolls, triple amounts of scratch gravy, pumpkin, blueberry, and apple pies. When the kids were little I used to make them pick the berries, and froze them for our November and December holiday pies. Now I call the farm, order a flat or two, and freeze them in 6 to 8 cup zip-lock bags for pie on the ready. Crust has got be scratch, and only with butter, no white shortening in this kitchen, and that can be done early, and frozen before rolling out as well.
One turkey to carve and one to look at until dinner is done. The second bird is so we can send hearty leftovers home with family and friends and for sandwiches the next day. In the early years when Gourmet magazine was still a thing we jumped around with the stuffing, adding chestnuts, or weird things, always with complaints if there wasn’t old fashioned bread stuffing as well. Now we just go with the tried and true, cutting the crusts off of two or three loaves of Pepperidge Farm white and letting the bread dry on the countertop for a few days. In a pinch we’ve been known to throw it in the oven for the speedier version.
The only Thanksgiving dinner I didn’t cook in the last three plus decades was the year I was pregnant with our fourth child, it was her real due date on the big turkey day, and husband and I with our eldest son and our twins were invited for dinner at mom’s house. Walked the Turkey Trot that day, (no drinks the night before), me pushing a double stroller and husband pushing a single, and went for dinner. Second son Maxwell who was two then pushed back from the table after it was all over and declared, ‘I’m loaded’: we still laugh about that today. Helped with dishes that night, told husband it was time to go, left the three wee ones with the grandmom, went and birthed Sarah. Sarah is now turning twenty-six this Thanksgiving season, and we are forever grateful, and still serving basically the same meal.
This family of ours now depends on tradition, and the food that goes with it. They can come home and know the bird will be dressed with old-fashioned bread stuffing, and that there will be gravy and pie, and all the fixings. It’s a secure feeling, and we are thankful for the bounty of this beautiful land, and for the soulful and good feeling of coming to table and breaking bread with those we love.
Wishing you all a holiday season of honest food, and a full heart.
Every day dress, and dressing the bird. xoxo
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