cooking at home

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Four of us are on the road, one Providence College move in and drop off, circle home quick then out and a Furman University drop.

Road food has been great, been thinking about that lobster roll all summer long. Girls and I love and enjoy food, and any shared meal is often our favorite part of the day.

We’ve been cooking at home for as long as we can remember, and honestly feel it’s a kind of super glue. Cooking at home brings us together and creates unbreakable bonds, the kind that make college drop offs unbelievably bittersweet.


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Mom, chic soon to be seventy-nine year old, thought this dress looked flirty, and now, after looking at photos, kind of agree.

Bought it in San Francisco at Saks in Union Square in July, and the husband picked it out. He has a good eye. Wore it recently for oldest daughter’s rehearsal dinner. Felt great. Never underestimate the confidence giving feeling of good clothes.

We love the kind of quiet sophisticated hue and the kind of crazy eyelash print, and the ease of fit. Paired it with a pair of lace block heels, a small top handle bag, and done. Flirty it is, and at fifty-three we’re good with the crew neckline, the below-the-knee length, and the A-line skirt shape. Ease over fitted for the win, at least this time around here at every day dress.


really looking forward to getting back in the groove….

get back to it

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No better way to break the ice than to simply get back to it and sink in. We’ve been out, and loving every minute. Not every day that a child gets married, and we put our all into it to make it happen. Happen it did, it was amazing, in so many out of the world ways. Wedding post coming, need to gather resources, stay tuned.

What we really do most days is aim to wear good clothes, cook and eat good food, and try our best to think good thoughts. With that, we did a kind of Sunday dinner on a Tuesday, and broke bread with those we love. Every day things.

Every day dress, after an epic wedding push, trying to get back to it. xoxo

44 days…

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6:59 am text to oldest daughter, bride to be, ‘is it really 44 days away or did I count wrong’. Her immediate reply, ‘you counted correct’. Holy moly.

Tuesday we planted 5 more hydrangea, weeded a ton, organized furniture, and did basic life. Wednesday we went and got more hydrangea, weeded forever, (even the driveway because no one I know is going to weed the driveway), and loaded in 15 cases of wine that arrived from last out-of-town excursion until after this wedding day. Now Thursday, and we’re staying put, and head is down.

We love doing parties, and this will be our biggest yet. Nothing like throwing a party to get you in gear to do stuff you’ve thought of doing. We’re renovating, for sure. Completely redoing a barn, recovering cushions, digging a second well, redoing decks, establishing new garden beds. It’s not every day we get to receive 200+ most favorite humans, some from as far away as Brazil, for a celebratory dinner out in the country-side. Kind of feel like I’m living my best life, because really I like my hands in the dirt.

While in the weed patch today I was thinking of this site, and thinking I should simply chronicle what’s going on for the next 44 days as weddings are big life events. Thank you for hanging in, we’ve kind of got mountains to move, and when I blink I know it will have come and gone, and that’s the circle of this wonderful life.

all photos by Alexis, dear friend of the bride to be, coming to celebrate with us from San Diego

dress | W by Worth

shoes | Christian Louboutin

ps. turning 53 in a week or so and have decided here, in this space, it can be what it needs to be, different at different times, kind of like when you roll through the decades. Also, no filter. 🙂

Every day dress, 44 days…..xoxo


neutrals plus

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silver tank | W by Worth

Travel seems to make us edit our wardrobe. Just returned from several days in Aspen CO and then several days in Napa CA, (all in a carry-on), and the clothes we packed were basics, simply turned up a notch.

dress, here and below | Worth New York

Easy patterned dress hit both towns, switched out the belt for the scarf in CA, and denim got a tank, albeit silver.

always always, black tank, dark denim

Company I work for in my downtime, haha, provides some really good stuff, and I like to be a bit of a rebel and mix it up.

Every day dress, neutrals plus.

first day

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Never one to make new year resolutions, the first day of anything feels simply like the first day of anything; a time to get it on. All in and all out is too cut and dry for us, we like the opportunity to try to make each new beginning just a bit better than the last.

Eden, New York

Giancarlo’s, Williamsville, New York

Carneros Resort & Spa, Napa, California 

Eden, New York

First day of summer solstice 2018 and we’re loving steak on the grill, dinners out, donuts and coffee, a great straw hat, the simple countryside,..

Black strappy sandals, light blue pedicures, baking a box birthday cake, feeling a good song.

Aspen, Colorado

A walk in the woods, a great green salad, and really good fish tacos.

all photos my own, and produced and gathered over the last 10 days or so…

Peace to all, and a healthy, happy summer. xoxo


gone fishing

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Normally we’re checked out in July and/or August, this year it’s June. Big at-home shindig late summer, so oldest daughter/bride to be headed to Wyoming, and I did Food & Wine Classic in Aspen CO, thank you Jackie, than met husband for more wine in CA.

When home Wednesday it will be head down, all systems go. 200+ for dinner and dancIng in the back yard is a big lift, so, for the time being we’ve gone fishing.

xoxo, always, every day dress.

check your postage, twice

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No newbies here to mailing good stuff, we send gorgeous clothes out sometimes twice a week and odd sized cards as often as we can.

First time through the wedding ring, loads of learning opportunities, especially with respect to:


  • design invites early, and order greater quantity than you’ll ever think you need, especially envelopes.
  • know that the welcome reception, if any, and the rehearsal (and dinner), are moving parts, and if an insert is designed for that order extra too, yikes.
  • sometimes it’s best to offload this chunk of work to non-hyper-talented family and friends, it can get tricky. then, when something goes wrong, or just not right, which usually happens, it’s not on all of us, it’s on them. wicked run-on sentence there, lots of emotion, can you tell?
  • definitely, and always, take all pieces of the invitation suite to favorite USPS station and have everything, WEIGHED, and then purchase appropriate and beautiful required postage.
  • set aside a full weekend to address all invites, and then somehow pull in three full extra days, no kidding.
  • seal the suckers, with help from husband’s office, and drive to post office (with other parcels of course, gorgeous clothes), and ask to have them all hand-cancelled, triumphantly.
  • Stand on line and visit same favorite clerk that weighed the invite suite initially thinking you are great to go and than look at her without any wonder when she weighs them, upon arrival, and than measures them, yikes!!!, and tells you that they all require an additional 21 cents. Remember, look on your face can express no wonder at all.
  • understand that the additional 21cent stamp is not the right vibe for this envelope and that you need the Oscar stamp, because that’s how it is when you kind of love style.
  • Local post office has no Oscar, so drive to second post office and they have no Oscar either.
  • Finally, go to master post office, get the Oscar, put those things on, and send them off.

we like three stamps versus two stamps better anyways

SWISH! Invites out, woot woot! Caroline and Sean no turning back now.

white denim, white tank, husbands sweater, lots of construction going on

Every day dress, check your postage, twice! Haha.

put it together

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basic little black cardigan what’s for dinner post

Days move so fast sometimes you’ve just got to put it together: the clothes on your body and the food to eat for dinner.

Essentials to keep on hand might include black denim and a cropped cardigan, a pound of bacon, frozen peas, a fresh bunch of kale, imported dried pasta, a good black bag, and maybe some Boursin cheese and a handful of asparagus.

looks weird yet wildly delicious, everyone loved this ad hoc what’s for dinner put it together

We love a good outfit and adore a good meal, keeping at the ready some strong basics makes it easier to put it together.

Every day dress everyone. TGIF, xoxo.


joined a farm share, and had a plant party

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farm box, and Amish potholders 

all the goods

farm fresh egg, cheese, greens

Never mind book club, we’ve joined a farm share for the season and couldn’t be happier. Picked up our box last week Thursday, and have cooked and baked from it since.

We’re all about eating fresh, and working on adding in more plant-based items to the daily rotation. Work it is, as I find plant-based a bit challenging, and honestly kind of time-consuming. Maybe it’s just getting in the swing of it, not sure, simply seems to take forever to chop so many ingredients to arrive at great flavor. I have to say though that once the prep is done, the results and the taste and the variety of meals you can create is worth the effort, so go figure. Daughters in the house love when I cook this way, they are all over the Cucumber Rounds w/Cashew Cheese Tapenade.

soaking heirloom tomatoes for consomme and cashews for ‘cream cheese’

recently bought 3 bistro tables from Amazon for entertaining activities 

Friday night committee meeting

we like odd numbers

tomato consomme shooters with avocado garnish

roasted pepper pesto crostini with fresh horseradish garnish

cucumber rounds with cashew cheese tapenade and garnished with balsamic figs 

prepping Beefless Southeast-Asain satays

serving Beefless Southeast-Asian Satays with Peanut Sauce

(don’t think I’ll ever do this one again, would rather use grass-fed, organic beef)

On Friday I was in kitchen heaven as entire family was out and about. Simply settled in with a counter full of plant ingredients and did what I could for a little patio and lawn committee party we had that evening to kick off WNY Women’s Foundation Fall in Fashion 18. Lovely evening, lovely women.

Sunday night halibut and asparagus

Monday morning halibut on toast with fresh squeezed OJ

As for creating, this morning we started with last night’s halibut garnished with olive and sun-dried tomato tapenade, protein at breakfast in our every day dress world is always a good idea.

strawberry rhubarb pie

A few disclaimers:

  • Started here as a ‘style’ site and feel like we’ve evolved more into maybe a ‘food’ site? Whatever, we’re passionate about both, even if involves most of our time spent in denim. We can still clean up nice when needed. 🙂
  • If you read my posts on Facebook, here is my apology: I am freaking terrible at Facebook, and one of my young admins linked my blog to Facebook seasons ago and I still haven’t figured it out, oh, well, always learning and figuring things out. Sorry if I’m not good at replying to comments.

living in denim, and sneakers, and a puffer, still in June

black cotton dress, Dior bag, guitar strap, waiting for Uber 

Saturday office look, new shoes, and loving Diet Coke in a glass bottle

Joined a farm share, and had a plant party. xoxo, Rebecca

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