get me to the country

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Six o’clock on Friday night hits and you need to get out of the city fast. What to pack? Two kids, two dogs, iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Canon camera, two bikinis, two pairs of sunnies, cashmere wrap because it gets cold at night, and makeup. What to wear? V-neck sweater, jeans handed down by oldest daughter, and funky Miu Miu sandals. Okay, so this is a fashion blog and I am wearing the same sweater as in another post? You betcha. I love this thing- super soft, kind of sexy, kind of see through, and kind of covered. Plus, it reminds me and feels like the sweaters I buy to give to my husband for every holiday, birthday, or anniversary. Luxurious Lora Piana sweaters that cost an ‘arm and a leg’ like my mom would say. I wear this thing all the time. It can go to dinner and I can pull weeds in it.

Why pack two bikinis and not leave them at the place we swim at? I guess because they don’t take up much room and because I still wear a bikini after six kids. As for the necklace in the photos? The stone pendant was a gift my husband brought back after a fishing trip in Montana and the chain we bought together at a little jewelry store in Sonoma at the Square. I love it.

chick yellow

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Last day of school and we celebrate by youngest daughter bringing home five baby chicks from science class. This is a good thing as Mr. Fox played hunger games and snacked on nine of our hens from country house property. Informed night owl and DJ second son that if there is a rooster in the bunch, he will be on the receiving end for the morning wake-up call pet. He promptly replied that a “cockle doodle do” would be a great reminder that it’s time for him to hit the sack. Motto of my story? Always wear your good new clothes. Every day. Why not? My Look Book says the color of my sweater is “Pale Banana.” I’m thinking it just might be “Chick Yellow.”

the men in my life

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As this is my fashion and lifestyle blog I had to a post about my all time, best ever, be with them always, men in my life. These photos were snapped at the amazing Pleasant Point Inn in Bristol, RI- the kind of place that serves a delicious hot breakfast on the ocean bay terrace and cocktails and hors d’oeuvres at five o’clock in the living room. Sweet. Bocce, anyone?

what to wear when your daughters take all of your clothes

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You work all day and then have 7:30 pm dinner reservations. Daughter one takes brand new blazer, daughter two takes brand new jeans, cuff bracelet, and clutch. Oh, that’s what clothes are for! So hurry and slip on  a few outfits that just don’t make it and settle for cream jeans and crew neck sweater. Thank goodness for uniforms. And exercise. So that you and your daughter’s can share jeans. ha.


push-ups are good for you

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Three sets of twelve. Every day if you can. Gotta love them. Love this jacket too with the push up sleeve. Takes jacket wearing down a notch. Now back to work; searching for a new seller in upstate New York. Anyone out there?

what not to wear at commencement

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[easyrotator]erc_65_1338926281[/easyrotator]Can’t believe I am putting this out there but here goes: unless you are the 18 year old girl with the really great bod do not wear short shorts to commencement. Ditto any excessive cleavage. Or stilettos which will invariably sink into any grass you need to walk on.

Do think about wearing a dress. Maybe in a color or pastel or floral. Preferably not black. If you need a heel consider a wedge.

I wore the Worth New York Apple Martini Ponte Empire Sheath.

Congratulations and enjoy.

So proud of you Linnie!

political fundraiser and wine & food night out

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Channeling Jackie is always a sure bet when headed out to a political fundraiser. Wine and food followed with my husbands Chaine group so I thought this was a great dress to wear for a Thursday night out. I love the collar, color, and the fabric. In my mind it is a super great dress for this kind of night.

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