bring it together

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Whatever the day, days end is always better together. Really can’t count how many meals we’ve put out, and doesn’t even matter.

This weeknight we did peppers and onions, chicken and steak. Added lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, cheese, whole wheat tortillas, some hot sauce and of course sour cream.

We were missing a few, and cilantro and lime.

Made the most of what we had, people, food; always bring it together.

Happy Monday everyone. Getting back in the groove here, long weekend in Boston MA celebrating young adult friend’s law school graduation, woot woot Alexander.

ps. almost always cloth napkins, and almost always Pinot noir. xoxo

special sundays

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Yesterday we did what we usually do: gathered together and broke bread, oh, those special Sunday’s. Three generations, let’s all celebrate.

Started the day with blueberry pancakes and slow cooked scramble, no photos, we were barely dressed. Husband and I went off to the country for a day in the garden, intense weeding and moderate tractor work.





Second daughter took over the dinner kitchen magnificently, so proud. Love that what you do day after day so often comes back, thank you Booie.





Steaks on the grill, green beans, caesar and mashed, total thumbs up. Coconut cake by Monnie, gelato, of course, and a little chocolate extravaganza, special Sunday’s, we’re all about that. You know who we’re missing…




blue knives, blue toes, blue suede platforms, blue pansies, blue jeans

Every day dress, wishing everyone special Sunday’s, always. xoxo




skip the sauce

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At the end of the day, when you’ve put forth a pretty good effort, thinking it’s okay to sometimes skip the sauce. 🙂

Maybe not the nightly glass of wine (or two), but definitely sometimes the grill (when it’s still pretty chill outside), and the homemade BBQ sauce, we used store-bought bottled and threw those breasts in the oven on this weeknight. Baked sweet potato super easy add-on.

Must confess, after a day in the field black tank, denim, no make-up, hair back and time in the kitchen does the trick.

Anything and everything green, bonus points.

Almost Friday!

variation of a theme

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Clients tell me they gravitate towards the same look, again and again. We say, love, wear, repeat. When you find what works, do it over and make it better. 



For trunk today wore a variation of yesterday’s theme and the day’s before: this time a new kind of funky white pant, black  bodysuit, again, and black jacket. Block heel white shoe boots provided a little leg lengthening, always welcome, and the camel bag added a third color, you know, third time’s the charm.






As we love work, food, family, and good clothes (and not in any particular order), dinner tonight was more of the same; a roasted vegetable, fresh greens, and lean protein on the grill. Yes, dill relish and ketchup add texture and depth.

If you’d like to add to your wardrobe rotation, visit us for an in person or online styling session at or We’re working trunk all this week through Thursday April 28th and then again May 10th – May 12th. Online, anytime. 🙂

Every day dress, variation of a theme, good clothes, good food. xoxo




Even the garden likes variation of a theme by self-seeding itself.


in trunk mode

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Professionally, we do four seasonal trunk shows a year. Helping women find clothes they feel and look great in is a pretty good gig. 🙂



When in trunk mode our desk is usually crowded with lots of tech stuff, empty wine and water glasses, and a bowl of dark chocolate m&m’s. There’s a small love seat, with a tea-table, topped with fashion books and flowers.

You’ll find us probably dressed in a column of black; tank, black leather skinnies, and a neutral suede shoe, all the better to try different combinations on.




Today we were loving a white stretch denim modal sleeve jacket, and then to switch it up the heather natural embroidered poncho, both from Worth New York Summer 2016.

After a day of dressing others, dinner needs to be quick.





Thank you Chrissy Tiegen, your Cravings Cookbook brought it in tonight with your Perfect Seared Scallops with Warm Corn Salad, delushious.

Every day dress, in trunk mode until Thursday. Wishing everyone a super great work week.

a tweed dress

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IMG_0030 IMG_0031 IMG_0034From the wardrobe archives, wore a pale yellow tweed dress to dear friends’ third daughter’s bridal shower last night. Have known this family for decades, and so happy to celebrate in all the love.

Bridal showers and weddings call for special clothing. Momentous occasions for sure, thankful I had a tweed dress, was challenged enough even ordering and wrapping and writing a card and showing up on time. Thank you Scully & Scully for your super organized bridal registry and that you ship to Australia, wow. With a color printer I was able to print out two princess sized Royal Copenhagen salad plates, hot glue them to some cardboard stock, and wrap them up in a small scarf box I had on hand. Bridal shower gift, done.


Other photo here of the glamorous young gun is fifteen year old daughter that snaps these outfit photos in literally five minutes flat before we change to denim, bare feet, and dinner prep. Tonight its tomatoes, white and pink fish, white and green asparagus, wild rice and fresh bread. Shower flowers were gorgeous, always love an all white bouquet, and picked up simple white tulips at market to carry the them home.




Trunk show is coming up quick: if you might need a tweed dress or some wedding clothes we can help. Building a good wardrobe over time pays off deep time dividends in getting you out the door and into all of life’s glorious events. Book your own online appointment here at or We’ve got this, a tweed dress. You’ll be happy.


about four years…

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yeah, that’s a car selfie, we’re casual here

About four years ago we launched this site to talk about and inspire one another about the every day. The crazy good every day. And for me what I first wrote about holds true, I think the post was called 7 ways to have a good day, or something like that. Oldest son suggested I start posts with ‘a number’ and ‘ways’ to do it. I guess it increases your SEO or search engine optimization and honestly we’re not all concerned with that here and now simply name our posts whatever feels best.

So, here’s the original 7:

make your bed, eat protein for breakfast, get out of your yoga clothes, put on some makeup, walk the dogs, make some dinner, spend time with those you love. 

Of course there’s a lot of everything that goes along with the above, like work, and parenting, and travel, shopping maybe, and housekeeping, and bad moods…yet, if I’m honest and I can check off the above, it’s a pretty damn good day.

I like to instill those 7 in my kids, and sometimes tell them they need to do the ‘every day dress’ thing. As in, get up, dress up, show up. It’s working; they are all on a pretty good path, bumps included. Here’s how second daughter hosted a little birthday brunch celebration for one of her squad this past Sunday, so proud of her, happy birthday Gabby.



not that I ever approve of shots, ever

Those 7 aren’t exact, simply the feel of it all. Walk the dogs can be anything that makes you feel alive, connected with nature, that moves your body. Get out of your yoga clothes is about showing respect for yourself and others in what we are all wearing for the day, runaround included.

Make your bed is absolutely basic. First things first. There’s nothing better than walking into a room, good day or not, with a nicely made bed. Simple.

Protein? In the morning? Can only think of a few things better than that and one of them is coffee. 🙂

Now about makeup: I’ve been guilty here. Kind of liking letting the skin show through with a little BB cream and a nude lip, or red-orange. Maybe I’m trying to be a little french or maybe all kinds of makeup feels like it’s aging…not really sure. My momma always told me, “Rebecca, brush your hair and put on some lipstick,” so that’s the least I can do. 🙂

If you’ve read along you know I’m all about dinner; it brings everyone back, and to the center, and is pleasurable in so many ways. Husband can’t understand at all how I think about ‘what’s for dinner’ first thing in the morning or maybe even the afternoon before. Wow…food rules.

And, as for dinner, it’s really a great way to spend time with those you love. It’s either glorious, or subtle, or even in between – whatever the day may be, and we love all of that – a punctuation mark. Wikipedia calls punctuation “The practice, action, or system of inserting points or other small marks into texts, to aid interpretation; division of text into sentences, clauses, etc., by means of such marks.” Can’t think of a better way to mark a day than a good meal with those we love.

Now the tangent; one thing we didn’t write about in the beginning is something we’re growing to love even more: searching, looking, seeking, aligning, and drawing out the best in others, always. 

Thank you for reading, especially if you’ve gotten this far. Every day dress, 141 subscribers, 217,821 views, 776 comments, LOVE. Thank you. xoxo… Search engine optimization be damned.

bolognese and arugula

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We haven’t dropped off and out, simply doing what we do: a little travel, quick five-day trip to FL, and then back to BUF and good times in the kitchen.









Twins twenty-sixth birthday and snowfall that sticks in April called for house-made Bolognese sauce and a fresh arugula salad. Set the table right on the hard-wood, the only thing that’s precious in this house are the people. Close family friend Lindsay did the tulips in the jelly jars.





It was a two-day event, night before bowling and tacos and margaritas for twenty plus.

As for what to wear? Bowling night I did a kind of country club look, and for cooking at home black cashmere v-neck, hair back, red lip, and an apron.




Every day dress, Bolognese and arugula, it was great. Happy Birthday. xo


once again, feet up, last one at the table 🙂

shoe games

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Spent an entire day on my feet in the kitchen cooking brunch for ten and then dinner for eight. Daytime activities called for pink patent loafers. When you’re going full-tilt the shoe game has to be spot on or you might as well be barefoot.


Switched to the old rockstuds for evening shenanigans. Clearly I was the last one at the table. 🙂 Thought about letting that pair go a few seasons ago when I felt they were overdone, happy I hung on.


simple spring

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Nothing really fancy, doing our simple spring things: grocery store cut white flowers all over the house, daily walks with the dogs, composed salads for lunch with weeknight leftover sliced roast chicken. Always keep some canned artichokes and kalamta olives on hand.


Cooking up a few good things for the holiday tomorrow, and although we’ve cut back on new dresses and patent leather shoes all around, had to send the kids out for the foiled eggs. Really don’t think we can get through ham and eggs tomorrow without a mouthful of chocolate.


Love to all, love a simple spring. xoxo

All photos with the humble iPhone, simple.


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