making things nice

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Peanut’s (Mary) 17th birthday dinner setting, August 2017

Second day of January and we took down the three trees. Once that huge holiday comes, and then goes, we’re all about clearing the way.

We love the idea of a new year, and fresh ideas. While driving with the husband the other day he was asking about goals and stuff, and about where I was headed. With clear mind and clear vision replied I was quite liking where we’re at: an independent stylist business with a great boutique clientele and a downtown address, a partner that gets me and I get her (talking about you Michelle), and a daughter (Booie), interested in learning the ropes. We love working with our women one to one, and making a small but important difference in their lives by helping them have clothes they love to wear, and that feel good on their skin. We’re not about getting to the top of the sales heap or corporate thing, yet totally support and encourage women that are feeling that drive.

Personally our time in the kitchen is divine, and cooking and serving those we love is at our core. We’ve mastered the professional cook certification, and those skills serve us well day in and day out. Now enrolled in the professional plant-based certification course, and looking to expand our repertoire with more plant-based options and raw techniques.

We’re at a good spot, celebrated 30 years of marriage this past fall and our oldest daughter will be married this August 2018. Six kids, three dogs, a couple of homes, a small fashion business, lots to style and write about. We know where we’re going: we’re about making things nice.

Lizzie’s 19th bday cake, New Year’s Day 2018

Cottage industry blog will carry on, posting about good clothes and good food, and a wedding being planned. Nothing major or crazy or over the top, simply seeking to make the every day a little bit elevated, and better all around.

moving on through

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morning view in Deer Valley UT

afternoon in Buffalo NY

Woke up yesterday at about 6,570 feet or so, and today tapped in at 600 feet in our hometown BUF, couldn’t be happier. Still feeling flu effects, first outing was the gym for a light and quick 45 minute workout, then to the grocery for about an hour and 10, and that’s it. Sadly cancelled our New Year’s Eve ski town dinner plans with dear family friends, her emphatic advice was to lay low, and concentrate on resolutions, and that’s exactly where we’re at.

That Christmas thing is monumental even at your best. We probably overspent, overbooked, over-travelled, and then in the end kind of really just under-did: unwritten cards, unworn outfits, unbaked dough, missed meals, and not bought unwrapped gifts, oh, well. Tears don’t help, we’re simply moving on through. That’s the way with the every day, a new beginning and a new opportunity to make it better.

At the market we picked up some white primrose, and one of our favorites, hydrangea. Not sure about the all green, (are they engineered?), yet the freshness is so welcome.

As for resolutions? Never really shared much in that way, and have never really been one to make all or nothing propositions, we’re really more about instilling good habits, and hopefully inspiring a few others along the way. If we had to we’d go with some of the below:

  • eat vegetables with every meal, even first thing
  • begin six days of each week with exercise that makes us breath and work hard

new makeup bag gifted by Linnie and Booie, living on hand cream, foundation, and a little lipstick

  • put on good clothes, perhaps a little make-up, and make nutritious, delicious food for ourselves and those we love
  • drink water, coffee, tea, wine, and not Diet Coke (maybe the odd one on occasion). 
  • be kind and loving

Every day dress, moving on through.

Wishing everyone health and prosperity.




down for three

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Here in the mountains amidst all holiday festivities the naughty cold and flu bug has swept in, brought me to my knees, and has kept anyone in its wake down for three, at the least. Honestly, the last time I was off my feet for three or more days was twenty-seven years ago when viral meningitis hit while caring for new-born twins and an eighteenth month old, scary stuff. This go-round, fever and delirium had me finding comfort alone on a closet floor, without any clothes, and swaddled in a sheet on Christmas Eve.

No greater gift than family, and health. Whatever it takes to nurture and keep those two, we’re in. These kids and the husband and the grandma and the fiancé and the girlfriend all stepped up and wrapped up the holiday. They carved the standing rib roast, mashed the potatoes, and sautéed the green beans. You know we’re all about breaking bread, and making shared meals a part of the every day. It’s the coming together we love, and they carried on.

Our dance card here at Park City/Deer Valley was and is full, skiing, dog-sledding, Orange Theory, and dinners out. We love being active, and moving daily, yet cold and flu symptoms don’t quite mix, so we stayed back and when the eyes could finally adjust cracked open the iPad and read Yolanda Hadid’s book Believe Me about her journey and that of two of her children battling and enduring through chronic Lyme disease. Wow- the continents she traveled too to seek relief, and the treatments she put herself through, all for greater health and to raise awareness of an invisible disease.

When everything looks beautiful it’s sometimes hard to put your arms around things not being right, yet when your physical body or that of one you love just doesn’t feel right, nothing else much matters. Invisible or not, good mental and physical health for one and all, and compassion to know that sometimes all is not what it seems, is what we wish for most.

Every day dress, down for three, yet moving up. xoxo

bringing it in

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Big city shopping, small city shopping, card writing, candy store, toy store, post office. Like most women we’ve been here, there, and everywhere. Can’t really think of outfit combinations, simply relying on a steady stream of our favorite, all black, kind of. Kind of because the pants are navy with a black turtleneck, and we cinched a red scarf around the waist to break up our column.  We’re also all about a nude lip when we’re busy, and that seems to be most days, any obvious color on the mouth and we just can’t keep it straight.

All photos from the iPhone, and three of four posted to Instagram. Outfit pics while standing in the stairwell of The Surrey. We were on the 4th floor, and rather than wait for the elevators we constantly took the stairs, one of those every day dress moves.

One holiday party, and we wore a taffeta ball skirt, with same red scarf, this time tied as bustier, and photo again, in the stairwell, where we like to hang, other than with family and friends.

We’re working on bringing it in for the holiday, and getting all things up and out. Cookie baking has taken a back seat this season, no one seems to eat them anyways.

Wishing everyone the mojo to get it done, hustle hustle, merry merry.


moving towards wrap

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Professionally, we’re moving towards wrap on the FW17 fashion season. Still in the studio, organizing last-minute wardrobe fill-ins, party outfits, travel wardrobes, and special gift giving. Our clients seem to be pretty well dressed and organized, us, not so much. 🙂 We’ll get it done, we always do, yet it all kind of feels surreal.

Christopher Radko ‘white wedding’ ornament at each brunch setting

thank you, Lexi, had to post twice, double delicious

Personally, instead of shopping and decorating and card writing and baking we’re simply hanging out in the kitchen, putting out brunch, pitcher’s of bloody’s, triple batches of Bolognese, and hoping the Christmas elves, that would be us, would come on in and kick it into gift-giving high gear.

Honestly, we’re moving there, towards wrap17 on all things, simply having some major inertia.

Wishing everyone out there the mojo and spirit to get it all done, with a little style and a little grace. xoxo

oh, Meghan, this white coat’s for you, heartfelt congratulations

Okay, so now here’s the footnote: blogging best practice says posts should be at least 300 words, we usually clock in at about 110. Also: include clickable links, and tags, yikes, we have zero to minimal links and no tags at all, so we’re so not searchable, oh, well. And, post on a regular schedule, totally missing that one. We’re all about a little cottage industry here, so if you’re logged on and reading, thank you sincerely. xoxo, again.


good stock

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Two of our favorite feel good things, beautiful, comfortable clothing and soulful, delicious food, share the good stock rule:

  • Buy and source the best you can, given your location and budget.
  • Strive to always have the basics; with clothing great knits (sweater, skirt, cardigan, dress, or combination, merino wool, cashmere), equally great black pants, denim if you’re a creative, single or double faced wool or tech if you’re more corporate, white shirts, something striped, a good bag, good shoes, over the top lingerie, and some sort of great coat and/or jacket. With food it’s all about fresh; lean protein, huge amounts of vegetables (always including onion, carrots, celery, garlic) and fruits, organic eggs, olive oil, butter is love, pasta, grains and beans, and exquisitely made house stock.
  • Develop a sound relationship with your purveyor, and shop seasonally.
  • Use all that you have and acquire in full rotation, and down to it’s core, or move it on to others, in feeding and/or dressing.

Here at the every day we rely mostly on our best basics and mix in some luxury. For food stuffs we shop often small and close to home, and for clothing we mostly nix the mall and rely on thoughtful, one to one trunk show shopping. We like to hear ourselves think, and take time with our closet and pantry additions. When making purchases I often tell myself and our clients, ‘even if it’s free, if it’s not absolutely right it’s just not worth it’.

Every day dress, we’re all about good stock. xo



this time of year

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Every morning we wake up and vow to do it better: all kinds of things, social, style, food, family, and otherwise. Here we are sixth day of December and the feeling continues, let’s somehow do it better, and we just can’t get there.

This time of year, when it gets dark before we’re even settled in, thinking we need to simply settle on the simple. Shared meals, good outfits, nothing over the top, and enjoying the moment. Tree has lights, no ornaments, and it’s feeling okay.

Had a kind of big style post saved in the draft section, wanted to hit post, just wasn’t feeling it. We’ve got work going on, and things to clean up, always.

At a time when it can all feel over the top, wishing you and yours moments of peace.


most days, most nights

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professional images | Maxwell Michaels

Like most women, not really sure where this eleventh month of 2017 has gone. Here at the every day we’ve done a big club runway show, a private trunk show or two, an exhilarating engagement, a quick in and out overnight fashion trip to NYC, an almost melt-down, Thanksgiving dinner and then some, a quarter century birthday and a gorgeous new puppy. No break soon everyone, Santa baby is coming. 🙂

Most days and most nights you’ll find us styling, and cooking. Two things we definitely think make days better: good clothes and great food.

Shown here are a few looks we’ve red-hot recently dressed our women in. Most pieces still available, as you all know most days and most nights we’re always striving for ways to make things look, taste, and feel better; all-around for those we love.

honestly, we all need this taffeta puffer

professional images | Worth New York

Every day dress; most days, most nights: sorry for blogging pause, we’ve been a little overwhelmed.



eternal lace crush

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At about the age of five remember being entranced by the intricacies of lace, never mind the color or shape, simply loved the spaces within.

Now at fifty-two the crush continues. Wore a new piece to lunch today with a forever friend, and obviously paired it with denim as most mornings we’re on our knees pinning hems or hauling boxes or running to USPS to overnight fancy dresses.

This love affair will continue, come holiday dress-up time we’ll pull out the ankle skimming sexy satin skinny’s and black suede sandals to wear with this new wardrobe keeper.

Every day dress, eternal lace crush, and beyond. xoxo

any given tuesday

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Wild wedding ride prep has begun, and thank you all for your well wishes. Logged on to blog tonight for the first time in a week, haven’t had the courage yet to hit Facebook, we’re not very good at that platform, and it feels a little beyond.

Anyways, settling back into the rhythm of the kitchen, and honestly finding peace there. After a day of hustle it’s feeling okay to take two hours and beyond to prep and serve food for those we love. Home feels like a sanctuary.

We’ve served up simple polenta enhanced with house made stock, oyster mushrooms and roasted Brussels. Butternut squash risotto with the last of the beautiful container grown sage fried into a crispy garnish and enhanced and topped with sage brown butter. Classic California pizzas topped with all the olives and cheese left in the fridge and a never fail to please Caesar salad. Even for a simple meal it feels as if we use every flat surface in the kitchen and yet emerge well fed, and thankful. When the food is thoughtful, life is good.

Stylewise, we’ve been wearing all black to the studio, and all black to they gym, double sessions, we’ve got work to do. 🙂

Totally apologize for complete neglect of natural light in all recent photos: it get’s dark at 4 pm and we’re honestly just not that organized. 🙂


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