a place we liked

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We really liked this boutique hotel in Denver CO: Hotel Teatro. Modern and fresh. Delightful bar with great charcuterie, did not take iPhone photos; elegant Study for more cocktails, coffee and breakfast, and pristine comfortable rooms.

The blueberry pancakes hit the spot. For more and better photos visit their website by clicking here: Hotel Teatro. We’d go back in a heartbeat.

IMG_7303 IMG_7304 IMG_7305 IMG_7316 IMG_7317 IMG_7319

We’re living the every day dress lifestyle, back in the office and booking fall 16 style appointments. Happy Monday all. xoxo

one size up

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Daughters, clients, and friends know I talk about a women’s body being like a beautiful and magnificent ocean, with constant ebb and flow, in and out as the tide.

So now, we’re one size up. Kind of fitting as it’s Monday August 1st and we’ve traveled and dined from coast to coast. Totally worth the ride, yet now we’ve got to roll it in. Work a little more, play a little less.

We’re starting the slide back east, and we’ll be in full reentry mode with all that comes with it this Thursday. Also enjoying every last-minute of away time, as we know once back there it will be like we never really left.

Every day dress, one size up and it’s okay. xoxo

work mode | mom mode

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IMG_1694 IMG_1699 IMG_1707 IMG_1687

Second day of summer 16 and like women all over we’re juggling multiple gigs.

Checked into the Waldorf NYC last week Tuesday early morning and barely left the hotel until late Thursday afternoon. For day-long meetings wore a dress each and every time. Nothing easier than a dress when you’re always in a rush. Ordered lunch in, room service for one in a city of culinary opportunity. Needed some down time.


Flew back to BUF with oldest NYC daughter on Thursday and helped her prep a summer country weekend for her city friends, about 40 of them. We did the usual, mac and cheese, chicken and burgers, salad, roasted potatoes and asparagus on the grill, (no more room in the oven), and cookies.





Love the work mode and the mom mode, just keep going. Good clothes help, for sure. 🙂


dance party in the kitchen always


funny bikini cookies, it was a pool party after all


best friends since 6th grade



suddenly summer

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We’ve been on the road and in the office and wow, it’s suddenly summer. We’ve gotta breath, we’re actually prepping Fall 2016 and have yet to have the first swim, or the first campfire.

Styled oldest daughter in floral on floral last weekend for dear friend’s law school commencement, she’ll wear it all again this holiday weekend while on the Jersey shore.



Styled myself in same dress same place as last year yet added some new kind of retro kind of chic Gucci sandals.

We love outfit repeat.

Happy up-coming long weekend everyone. xoxo











about four years…

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yeah, that’s a car selfie, we’re casual here

About four years ago we launched this site to talk about and inspire one another about the every day. The crazy good every day. And for me what I first wrote about holds true, I think the post was called 7 ways to have a good day, or something like that. Oldest son suggested I start posts with ‘a number’ and ‘ways’ to do it. I guess it increases your SEO or search engine optimization and honestly we’re not all concerned with that here and now simply name our posts whatever feels best.

So, here’s the original 7:

make your bed, eat protein for breakfast, get out of your yoga clothes, put on some makeup, walk the dogs, make some dinner, spend time with those you love. 

Of course there’s a lot of everything that goes along with the above, like work, and parenting, and travel, shopping maybe, and housekeeping, and bad moods…yet, if I’m honest and I can check off the above, it’s a pretty damn good day.

I like to instill those 7 in my kids, and sometimes tell them they need to do the ‘every day dress’ thing. As in, get up, dress up, show up. It’s working; they are all on a pretty good path, bumps included. Here’s how second daughter hosted a little birthday brunch celebration for one of her squad this past Sunday, so proud of her, happy birthday Gabby.



not that I ever approve of shots, ever

Those 7 aren’t exact, simply the feel of it all. Walk the dogs can be anything that makes you feel alive, connected with nature, that moves your body. Get out of your yoga clothes is about showing respect for yourself and others in what we are all wearing for the day, runaround included.

Make your bed is absolutely basic. First things first. There’s nothing better than walking into a room, good day or not, with a nicely made bed. Simple.

Protein? In the morning? Can only think of a few things better than that and one of them is coffee. 🙂

Now about makeup: I’ve been guilty here. Kind of liking letting the skin show through with a little BB cream and a nude lip, or red-orange. Maybe I’m trying to be a little french or maybe all kinds of makeup feels like it’s aging…not really sure. My momma always told me, “Rebecca, brush your hair and put on some lipstick,” so that’s the least I can do. 🙂

If you’ve read along you know I’m all about dinner; it brings everyone back, and to the center, and is pleasurable in so many ways. Husband can’t understand at all how I think about ‘what’s for dinner’ first thing in the morning or maybe even the afternoon before. Wow…food rules.

And, as for dinner, it’s really a great way to spend time with those you love. It’s either glorious, or subtle, or even in between – whatever the day may be, and we love all of that – a punctuation mark. Wikipedia calls punctuation “The practice, action, or system of inserting points or other small marks into texts, to aid interpretation; division of text into sentences, clauses, etc., by means of such marks.” Can’t think of a better way to mark a day than a good meal with those we love.

Now the tangent; one thing we didn’t write about in the beginning is something we’re growing to love even more: searching, looking, seeking, aligning, and drawing out the best in others, always. 

Thank you for reading, especially if you’ve gotten this far. Every day dress, 141 subscribers, 217,821 views, 776 comments, LOVE. Thank you. xoxo… Search engine optimization be damned.

let’s disappear for a little

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Love is a pretty amazing thing, it’s those relationships that make you want to take off.

Years ago used to pack the kids up and take off for the zoo. Didn’t really tell anyone where we were going, kind of just hit the road.




Yesterday took 2 of 6 to meet up with this one and his love. She was walking in a show, and we were there. Felt like we we’re getting away from it all, felt good.





It was their day to shine. Intermission of dance drove the romance home.






After all the champagne of course we hit up the burger place. 🙂









Let’s all disappear for a little. xoxo



for the long haul

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We started this site four years ago to look at fashion for women that might have kids, job(s), a home, maybe two, dogs, and day and night commitments and needed to be dressed. It’s kind of evolved to more of a style site, as in lifestyle: we’re in it for the long haul.

So, here’s one of my favorite photos from 2015, youngest daughter head down awaiting check-in at a London hotel after her very first long haul flight. She’s in my lap, and wrapped in my wrap. Never travel without one of those.

A few style notes: we’re both dressed in flat boots, and denim. I’ve got on two scarves kind of, one around the neck and one around the shoulders. They both helped with the transition.

Now she flies with ease, she nailed Prague, Budapest and Vienna, classmates thought she was best dressed. 🙂 Always in walkable boots, and with her own wrap.


Every day dress, we’re in it for the long haul, of course.


on stripes and more

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We’ve been in a bit of a funk lately, sister in northern CA tells me this happens every February. Not sure what to wear, not sure what to do, so we simply buckle in and stick to the basics.

Spring always feels good in stripes, especially navy and white, so we wore that last week down south. The black shirt on the striped bed? That thing is a necessity, wear it on the plane, throw it on the floor, wear it again, sleep in it, wear it over a bikini, wear it again back on the plane. Machine wash, dry, repeat. Thinking all women need this.

We start our spring trunk show Friday, lots of good striped things. Photos still with the iPhone, not quite organized. Really only good pic is the lunch photo for one:


home, alone

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Fourth child, second daughter, home, not really alone, she’s got our two dogs to let in and out, with endless snow coming down. Big place for one person. Takes her 500+ steps just to get a cup of coffee. Thanks Booie, for holding down the fort.

Fifth child, third daughter, we’re down here at the condo, where you can clean the thing without even once unplugging the vacuum cleaner, love that. What was supposed to be a quick in and out escape has turned into a full week. Sixth child, fourth daughter, she’s in Budapest. Oldest daughter, back in NYC.

Snowed in, in FL. Home is wherever you make it. Flying out later today.

Photo taken with the iPhone on the nightstand. Only packed a few simple accessories, and again, only a carry-on.

Cute little kids kissing? That’s the valentine, from me to him.

I needed ya.

I got ya.

I’m keeping ya.

Love ya. 

Happy Thursday everyone. Back in the office tomorrow, full tilt, we’ve got spring coming. Trunk Show starts Friday, February 26th. xoxo