white things and grilled cheese

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how about this white and black outdoor seating arrangement?
we visited Restoration Hardware Tampa yesterday, this is upstairs outside on their 4th floor

It’s Monday and we heard it’s snowing again up northeast and we’re wondering what to write on the blog that might inspire, so we’re going with some year-round classic basics, white things, and grilled cheese sandwiches.

making grilled cheese in cast iron with cast iron press wearing white denim, sliver tank, camisole straps are okay, it’s a good one
good olive oil and balsamic are always on hand….and butter is love
white denim, silver tank, black scarf, simple makeup, rooftop at The Canopy at the Birchwood, downtown St. Pete’s

We love white denim twelve months a year, and grilled cheese. Here we added spinach to get those greens in and sliced figs to a simple green salad. We always love a tank; white, black, or even silver.

grilled cheese on sour dough, mixed greens with figs
new votives I picked up at Restoration Hardware outlet

White flowers are also are go-to. Husband and daughter are convinced these ruffled tulips are past their prime yet I’m holding on. Wrinkles and imperfection have got to be okay.

white tank, same white denim, tweed duster

white on white and sorry some of these images are huge, remember cottage industry here and can’t figure out how to resize, eye roll…

White denim and tweed from Carlisle | Per Se, heading back to work trunk show later this week.

Every day dress, white things and grilled cheese, our favorites. xoxo

a pinstriped dress

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my current day after day dress | Carlisle / Per Se

If I could I might spend forever living in the Italian countryside wearing only clothes by Brunello Cucinelli, cooking and eating pasta with family and dear friends all the while drinking Brunello di Montalcino.

I do love bill collins

For now (or the month of March) I’ll live and be in Saint Petersburg FL, work and plan for upcoming trunk show, cook and eat pasta, maybe drink a beer, and perhaps gift my husband with a cashmere sweater or two, because I always borrow. Husband’s cashmere sweaters from Cucinelli are always the best.

Brunello Cucinelli Dress

Every day dress and a great pinstriped dress. xoxo

stop and go

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racing through downtown St. Pete’s
honestly have no idea how he captures that car by camera
black, white and shades of blue, kind of our all time favorite combo
I’ve never seen so many tires: all over the place and they changed those things in like less than 2 seconds
it all starts here….

Family spent a hot minute at Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg this past weekend. Sharing with you photos by creative son, as he’s shy to show his good work. Clicking on the link will bring you to next year’s fun and games 2020.

the wizard of Oz, or behind the scene
obviously a passion
Maxwell and Lexi, love them both
two wheels
husband loved that car
around the bend
stop and go, it’s as easy as that

Super fun. Young kids and most wore shorts. I went for more coverage, camo jeans, blouse, and boots on Saturday, dress and sandals on Sunday. Jeans and boots felt best.

If you like what you see, you can find more of his work on Instagram @maxyny.

Every day dress, stop and go.

Dear Karl (Mr. Lagerfeld),

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new lipstick, #490 LOVER, and Chanel brooch I bought for Caroline’s wedding

You took creative control of the House of Chanel in 1983, the year I graduated public high school, age seventeen. Honestly, I had no idea who you were, and really didn’t know the brand either. That was their plan, you were brought in to resurrect all that Coco did before, and you did. 

BAM, at eighteen I wanted a bag, and at nineteen I bought lipsticks, the only part of the brand I could afford. On my lunchbreak from work I would walk to the department store when department stores were still a thing, put down a day’s pay for that tube of color with the interlocking double C’s. Oh, how I felt fancy. 

Fast forward marriage, and kids, and I still wanted a bag. Now I can’t even remember how I got it, the classic black 2.55. It had a separate lipstick pocket in that gorgeous dark red leather interior, genius! A little impractical, where was I going, and I usually had diapers. I had to have that bag. It started a thing for me, collecting bags. They were like jewels, a piece of art, a thing to acquire, a Chanel bag was the ultimate. 

Over the years I watched you from afar, the man and the legend. Chanel ready to wear was fantasy, and haute couture out of this world. I would buy bags, and shoes, and makeup, and those accessories gave me access to that rarified French air. 

I remember you going on a diet, that was when I too was all about diets, and you lost a zillion pounds, 93 to be exact, so that you could wear the look and the clothes you held in regard, Hedi Slimane. We are all mere mortals, I suppose. 

A decade goes by, and now four daughters are all about bags too. What is it about a Chanel handbag? High-end luxury. By carrying a luxury bag, we can easily identify (forget about the mortgage payment) with a luxury brand. Share with the world our supreme good taste, however simply symbiotic that may seem. 

That first 2.55 has been re-furbished at The Leather Spa and passed onto the babe of the family, Mimi. Your legend lives on in the arms of my eighteen-year-old. 

Mr. Lagerfeld, you the multi-hyphenate; creative director, fashion designer, artist, photographer, and caricaturist, worked into your 85thyear. You could be critical, who really calls Adele out? Yet your uncompromising pursuit of excellence made things like that seem somehow forgivable. 

Mr. Lagerfeld, like that first long-ago bag I had to have it was you that I wanted to wear for our family’s first wedding. Your waterfall collection was unveiled October 3, 2017, I was completely mesmerized. 

image | Vogue

Look number 57 of 90, oh, it was you. Husband and I traveled to San Francisco last June and at the Chanel Union Square I found you. Not you exactly Mr. Lagerfeld, but your dress, your design. My very first piece of Chanel ready-to-wear, it was completely transforming. 

I’ll never forget how great I felt, wearing that dress, that August afternoon. 

Thank you for creating so much of what modern women aspire to. Thank you for creating things of beauty, and dreams. Your Fall 2019 Collection was unveiled yesterday, posthumously. Your work will forever be in our hearts, and with a little luck, a lot of determination, and a large amount of bank, in our arms, and on our bodies. 

Rest in peace, Mr. Lagerfeld, and thank you. 

Yours truly, 

Rebecca, and every day dress. 

some simple things

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Alfresco pasture-raised Vital Farms eggs, Italian washed linen napkins
farmers market fresh flowers in brown paper
farmers market haul from Saturday morning
no salad spinner yet, hand washed the greens and wrapped them in dish towels to store in the fridge
vegetables, up close and personal. our goal is to incorporate them in all meals, 3 times a day
sometimes a chocolate croissant wins 🙂

Even when we’re home away from home we keep our routine pretty much the same. Eggs, the best we can get our hands on, fresh flowers, farmers market vegetables, white denim and a black tank. These are some of our tried and true.

these jeans are pretty see through so I cut front pockets out and sewed the seam closed
I also hemmed them just above the ankle, showing a slash of skin

Simple style notes: white denim is best with a seasonal refresh. Sure, we can wear last year”s pair, it simply feels better when they are new. Last years white’s can do the dog walk and the garden tour. The pair you see here I cut the front pockets out and stitched the seam closed. It’s a cleaner look, especially if you don’t like to distract the eye with funny pocket linings that you can invariably see when wearing white denim.

Happy Monday, some simple things, and every day dress. xoxo

wedding resources

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For brides, grooms, and enquiring minds, here’s who helped us pull off with what I must say was last summer’s most epic lawn fete:

The Dress | Amsale

The Dress
the shoes, gifted by her sister
we always have our shoemaker put red rubber soles over the original
he will only do it after a couple of wears, not box fresh

Oh, The Dress. Okay, so the blog here is called every day dress, so you know even though we wander we’re kind of all about the dress. Caroline has been looking at wedding dresses for as long as I can remember, even before the man entered the room. I think the dress was the very first thing that was decided on, and after that it was all systems go go. Caroline, working and living in NYC, set up 7 or so bridal appointments, Sarah and I flew in for one wonderful weekend. She spread the fun out over three days, on day one she kind of had two picked out, on day two at Amsale she and we knew, she had her dress. She put that gown on and tears came, champagne was poured, it was that good. Of course it was a little over budget, she would figure it out. Day three of appointments we politely thanked and cancelled. Oh, that dress. I’ll never forget her in that dress. She absolutely beamed walking down the aisle and the entire, glorious day. After all was said and done the next night she put the dress on with bare feet, hair up, and celebrated again under the brunch tent during an impromptu all-hands on deck pasta dinner. It really doesn’t get any better than that, the bride doing dress repeat.

The Caterer | Giancarlo’s

poolside cocktails
seafood tower
one of the bars
seated dinner love

My family knows that after coffee the first thing I think about in the morning is what’s for breakfast, after that it’s what’s for lunch, and after that it’s obviously what’s for dinner. As the family cook and entertainment provider, my vote for food, drink, and service was heavily weighted. We considered two options, yet even before going into the process my mind was on Giancarlo’s. They’ve been in our city house and office serving up parties for years now, they always deliver. The family card helps too, Ethan played basketball with Anthony all while growing up, Maxwell and Anthony graduated from high school together, Gabriella is always delightful and professional, their staff is young, good looking, and energetic. We were planning a party where every last thing needed to be brought in to a sloping country grass field, huge responsibility, yet I just knew they would provide the experience we were looking for. And they did; a seamless, sophisticated cocktail hour, an elegant, unpretentious seated dinner for 212 guests, fun, spicy stuff for a boozy after party. This didn’t come without a cost, honestly when the quote first came in I was thinking of cooking that chicken dinner. Husband even offered me $15k (that’s a lot of new shoes) to take it on. Bride and groom weren’t biting, Giancarlo’s it was. They were superlative.

The Band | The Digs

Caroline’s best friends mom has her hand in wedding planning, she was the hero in referring The Digs, thank you Marilynn. They were extraordinary. Caroline and Sean were adamant about having a great band, we all know that can make or break a good party. Bride, groom, and siblings listened to play tapes, watched videos, and it was their decision to book this Toronto, Ontario phenomenon. Coming from Canada we needed to provide hotel accommodations, a green room, and two kinds of dinner, vegan is a thing with musicians. Again, over budget, absolutely worth every dollar spent. Dance floor was jammed from first song to last.

The Invitation | Smythson

The wedding invitation was emotional. In house we have two family graphic designers, bride’s brother Maxwell created the Save the Date, and bride’s aunt Tracy creates one-of-a-kind stationery suites for her clients under the umbrella of her west coast design company Radeff Design Studios. Given those two love affairs you just can’t pick. Here I was the heavy and sent Caroline on her lunch hour to Smythson on Madison Ave. She worked with the consultant in person and I worked remotely. We were a little under the wire, our decision came kind of late in the game and then all correspondence and proofs had to be vetted through London. Again, over budget, thank you Bill and Collins & Collins. (what’s a budget?). Invitation was delivered, I hand addressed and stamped, carried those big boxes to local post office and politely asked that they all be hand-canceled, thank you USPS.

Tenting, Rentals, and Lighting | McCarthy Tents & Events

tent and lighting
bride and groom hit the dance floor

Got a little crazy here, in the end we had 4 tents and the main party tent location was moved less than a week before the big day. Tent locations were initially measured under 3 feet of snow. Aunt Tracy was the super hero here, honestly she, along with McCarthy, made this happen. She tracked weather patterns, looked at sunrise and sunset, walked the property considering absolutely all logistics, and at the eleventh hour helped stake all tents.

McCarthy covered tents, tent lighting, tables, bars, bistros, chairs, dance floor, generators, maybe more, can’t remember if they did grills and/or hotboxes for caterer. They also had rain plan, heaters and air conditioners all on reserve if needed, they were not, grateful. Totally recommend.

Production Manager | Tracy Radeff McConnell | Radeff Design Studios

Tracy, the master mind

Tracy, founder and CEO of Radeff Design Studios, provided overall professional and logistical advisement. In essence, she brought all vendors together on the same page. She was timeline and detail oriented down to the minute. Bravo.

Photographer | Sarah Bridgeman

Her work, and spirit, simply outstanding. She and her team captured the day, and all you see here. Caroline emailed her letter of introduction, Sarah accepted, and the memories through photographs live on. Another referral from Marilynn, thank you.

Bridesmaid Dresses | Amanda Uprichard Bridal

all in white
even after party attire was white on white

Caroline and Sarah sourced bridesmaid dresses another NYC weekend. Finally, something great looking and on budget. Must say they all looked gorgeous and happy. Loved the shades of white.

Hair and Makeup | Groomservice Beauty & Dry Bar

Again, Caroline and Sarah on point, with advisement from Lexi. They know hair and makeup and booked Buffalo’s best. Glamour squad arrived city-side Saturday morning at about 7:15 am and helped us all get wedding day ready. Bride, wedding party, MOB (mother of bride), MOG (other of groom) and both maternal grandmothers. Special thanks to Kristen Baker. That in itself was a party. 🙂

Cake | Dessert Deli

simple wedding cake

Caroline and Sean during one of their Buffalo visits tasted cake. Sean, being the consummate sweet tooth, had first choice. Cake looked beautiful, I heard it was delicious. To this day I still think about that missed opportunity, and where that wedding cake went the day after.

Table Top Rentals | Petunia Rose

Caroline Linnehan

This was a god-send referral from stylist colleague Cary Kimber in Rochester, New York. Who knew there was a vintage and luxury table top rental provider an hour and fifteen minutes away that has done work at The Whitney Museum and The Met Ball? Woah, we were in good company. Caroline and I did early spring road trip and met with owner Eileen Wright. In less time than it took for us to get there we chose china, stemware, flatware, and details. Sure, we could have gone default stock white, yet Eileen’s belief shares ours, ‘that welcoming friends and sharing happy moments with them around a table that has been imagined and decorated for their sole pleasure exemplifies the art of entertaining’.

Sound | Indigo Productions

Behind the scenes but deal breaker if it goes wrong, it didn’t.

Linens | La Tavola

Coordinated by my sister and bride’s aunt, this fine linen rental company based in Napa, California helped provide beautiful, luxury linens.

Flowers | Maureen’s Buffalo Wholesale Flower Market

elegant bridal bouquet

The vision board was clear: white, and shades of white. Hydrangea and Roses. Caroline sent me for initial consult, Caroline, Tracy, and I signed off on final consult. Flowers were what we wanted, pretty, fresh, beautiful, and not over-done. We were in the country after all and surrounded by greenery.

Church | Saint Louis Roman Catholic Church

My words can’t describe the beauty or history, please enjoy Sarah’s photo capture and visit St. Louis RC Church, here.

Father Joe embraces father of the bride

Pastor | Rev. Joseph S. Rogiano

Dear family friends Sam and Michelle helped facilitate the sincere, engaging, charismatic Father Joe, thank you, wholeheartedly.

Transportation | Buffalo Limousine

Never saw them, husband and I drove ourselves, yet understand their service was great transporting guests to and from Buffalo to Eden. Heard the drivers were friendly, as well.

Glamping Tents | Contentment Camping

to the lower right in both photos you can see a glimpse of the glamping area in lower field
Andrew, Caroline’s friend from grade school, of Contentment Camping, with his fiance Meredith on far right

Caroline’s grade school friend Andrew gifted her and Sean seventeen tents for friends to party on into the wee hours and the next day. Party on they did, indeed. Andrew and his mom Pat provide ‘glamping’ or ‘camping without roughing it’ events all over the country. Check them out here, Contentment Camping.

Restrooms | United Rentals

Never saw these, I guess that’s the idea, and they got rave reviews.

Lunch and Brunch | Carte Blanche

lunch in the barn
the bride eating a burger
after lunch at the barn

Church was at noon, reception at five. To feed the crew called in Carte Blanche and they delivered a wedding lunch of burgers and fries. Next day they brought corned beef hash, potatoes, Bloody Mary’s and more.

Planners | Marilynn Militello and Angelica McNally

Thank you and thank you. xoxo

2018 family photo

to be continued…

working contemporary

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ordered the dining table and two end chairs online from Perigold
grey velvet sofa and chair from Restoration Hardware Outlet
fresh quince branches from local market, still need to hang the painting and get bulbs for the buffet lights
dinner for three in new place

Husband, second daughter and I are down in St. Petersburg outfitting a new place. As usual, husband wants it done like yesterday. He and I have been on the go go hitting up Restoration Hardware Outlet in Clearwater FL and Rooms to Go. I’m on speed dial with local delivery guy. We’re also kind of into wearing white, and loving fresh cut quince branches on the new white kitchen counter.

she loves a pop of color in her Louboutin shoes, Pigalle Follies, 100 mm
white tuxedo dress from Carlisle Spring 19 and block heel Valentino shoes, no high stiletto heel for us anymore

Every day dress, working contemporary. xoxo

pretty things

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South Boston morning walk

We’re currently in South Boston hanging in for a little; baby got her (four) wisdom teeth out yesterday and doc in BUF wouldn’t/couldn’t fit her in his surgery schedule so new sons-in-law aunt pulled some strings with their doc in NH and here we are.

always pack some pretty things

Packed just a few things; two pairs of jeans, two tees, two sweaters, and some boots. Of course, there was some lingerie, always was, always is. Pretty things make tough days a little sweeter. Doc said I looked nervous, ‘heck, yeah, she’s my babe’. He asked, ‘well, how many kids do you have?’. I said six and he said ‘no problem, you have five others’. haha.

Post-surgery we laid low, watched a few movies and made some dinner. She’s doing great, exactly as her birth day; handles these things with grace and ease.

working the camera from the remote
when they figured out what I was up to

In the downtime I’ve been fooling with the blog, reading online photography manuals and learning how to work the camera remotely from the iPhone.

Pretty things and every day dress. xoxo

déjà vu

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chicken, olives, prunes, capers, olive oil, red wine vinegar, a splash of chardonnay

made two pans and set eight plates, miss you Lizzie and Mimi
simple table, linen napkins, pretty much always un-ironed
had a little trouble with the couscous, made a double match and it kind of stuck together, single batch twice is better

Another snowy February day, another chicken dinner. Really didn’t know what I was thinking, set the table for eight yet we only had six, must really be missing those college co-eds.

We’ve been reading; a book about a couple living in France and trying to speak the language exclusively, Gwyneth’s new book The Clean Plate, and a book gifted by second daughter, Ann Hood’s Kitchen Yarns. Ann’s writing about The Silver Palate’s legendary Chicken Marbella made my mouth water so much that I had to go to market to gather chickens and prunes. It was delicious.

steamed the broccoli yet it precooked a little by simply sitting out on the hot range

Decided to do some Parker House rolls as well, because, well, it’s snowy and it’s February. Anything with melted butter and flaky sea salt is a win win. The broccoli was because of Gwyneth.

If you’re wondering what to do for an at home Valentine’s dinner, Chicken Marbella could be a consideration. We added couscous simmered in homemade vegetable stock, and caramelized crème brûlée. Chocolates would be welcome, of course.

flowers, books, and candles = necessities

Paperwhites are from dear friend, thank you, and give hope for spring.

Déjà vu everyone, xoxo.

wine tripping

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Trius wines at Jackson-Triggs
winter winery view

Husband’s got the wanderlust, so when he goes, I go. Couple of weeks ago we did a quick overnight to Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada, and experienced a little winter wine tripping.

butternut squash soup, Peller Estates
as much as I’ll smile, just got Invisalign

We’ve been getting away there for over fifteen years, the food and wine culture simply gets better and better.

navy cashmere hoodie, silver leather jeans, white bag

Packed light; leather jeans and cashmere sweaters, two of each and that was it. On the way in stopped at Peller Estates for a delicious fireside lunch, and then checked into 124 on Queen Hotel and Spa. Wandered town and tasted local craft beers. Dinner that night was a few steps from hotel at Treadwell Cuisine. Next morning indulged in massage at the hotel spa, checked out at noon, and on way out of town and back to BUF had a great lunch at Jackson-Triggs.

craft beer tasting, not our usual but very fun

Twenty-four hours of wine tripping, every day dress. xoxo

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