About Me

A life-long lover, learner, doer; Rebecca is all about creating and practicing daily habits that enhance life.

Moving towards four decades of marriage (she adores her husband) with two sons and four daughters, her basic routines provide a framework for enjoying the world, and all of its gifts.

She relies on her 10 daily tenets (make the bed, eat protein at breakfast, get out of your yoga/workout, un-smart clothes, put on some make-up, walk your dog(s), learn new things, make some dinner, enjoy a glass of wine, spend time with those you love), and understands that beauty often requires equal amounts of discipline and messiness, and that each day is an opportunity to do it all over again.

Read along and be inspired by her self-made food and style story.

As she would say: every day dress, xoxo



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Looking to upgrade your style? I’d love to hear from you! Come meet with me to try on different outfits and figure out your signature look, while I show you simple tips and tricks that improve your every day dress.