wine at lunch?

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For those following along on the blog Wednesday night’s event with Wendy Selig-Prieb to help WNY Women’s Foundation at Albright-Knox Art Gallery, stunning success, two standing ovations, and over-sold. Thank you Wendy, proper post coming soon once the professional photos hit the email feed.

We’ve been a little on the down-low the last week, event prep takes a lot out of us and a little event let-down always slides in. Day of event? No wine at lunch. Day after event? Yes, wine at lunch, and then again at dinner. 🙂

For dinner out after wine at lunch wore new piece from Summer 16, a long jacket, and once again styled as a dress. It can all be blur. Love it when you can mix and match separates and get out the dressed well and quick. Black always makes it easy when you’re time stressed, promise, it was color and pattern for the big event.

Today it’s Friday, TGIF, and I’ve missed blogging, can’t do it all, all the time. Wine at lunch? Yes, most definitely sometimes. 🙂

Have a great weekend all. xoxo

ps. We’re back in the office full tilt until we head to NYC mid-June. Working to help women feel good in their clothes one outfit, one piece, one day at time.


Black Silence Wash Sashed Long Jacket | Worth New York Summer 16


cross body bag and armload of bangles


good french shoes with a pedicure for nice french restaurant

never mind the bumps, that’s how life is  

work what you have

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Blog has had the back seat, we’ve been getting event ready: What She’s Made Of with Wendy Selig-Prieb tomorrow night, Wednesday May 18th, Albright-Knox Art Gallery. Photos above are sneak peek of simple flowers and exquisite tent.



For prep work wore what I had, leather culottes, husbands shirt, and oblong scarf tied at the neck, kind of flowing out back. Love mixing navy and black, and the skinny kind of scarf around the neck is a bit of trend.

If you’re in BUF and you want to join the fun, it will be the place to be, call Catherine at 716-887-2616 tomorrow between 9 am and noon and she might just get you in. 🙂

Every day dress, work what you have.

culottes and scarf | Worth New York

two new things

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We’ve worked all over town and deliberately and consciously moving into upstate, love that 90, good things take time.

Enjoying every little second of pansy time, and waiting for peonies.

Two new things we’ve added to the rotation and have yet to wear, we’ve been working!, YSL star wallet (picked that out myself) on a chain and Tangerine Christian Louboutin Nail Colour, gifted by oldest daughter.

Thinking the star thing is a little young yet honestly we don’t care. Orange or Tangerine nail color is always spot on for spring/summer, can’t wait to DIY and apply, thank you Linnie. xoxo

Saint Laurent Monogramme Envelope | NET-A-PORTER

you look like you’re working

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Stopped in at husband’s office today and he said, ‘wow, you look like you’re working’. 🙂


Yes, and that’s a good thing. Even better when you get to wear full on denim and bronze footwear. 🙂 Full disclosure, we were doing inventory, and packing, and shipping out to multiple states.


Still at it, and posting this during a quick little break.

Can’t help myself with the emojis, working with beautiful women and beautiful clothing is a very good gig.

We love to every day dress. Hump day everyone! xoxo



ps. Even with denim wear your good lingerie, what are we all saving it for? Thank you Lace & Day.

Denim Shirt | Worth New York

Raf Simons Stan Smith | NET – A – PORTER

great bra | shop local ! | Lace & Day

add color

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Couple of things:

  • love that in my professional life I get to wear things like denim, and a suede shirt, and suede sandals, thank you Worth New York.
  • thinking that while we love deeply things that are dark, like coffee, and mostly black clothes, red wine, and chocolate, that it’s a good idea to always add color, something maybe like this poppy suede shirt. 🙂


Met with a client last week in suite 101, that’s what partner and I decided today to call our work space proper moving forward, and was hoping she would add some color to her wardrobe. She lit up when she put on a jacket in canary yellow, we settled of course on navy, for the time being. 🙂

Every day dress, let’s all add a little color. xoxo


And, to confuse it again, loving this white and green in the garden, oh, joy.

cashmere denim linen

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Much like the three words “I love you”, cashmere, denim, linen convey weight, heft, longevity, security, and comfort.

Last weekend we worked trunk, this weekend we were all garden and kitchen.


Cashmere, denim, and linen were our go-tos. We put the phone out of reach and dug down deep in the dirt, time out of mind. Second son’s linen shirt, husband’s croc belt, rips, and long black sweater.


We’ll be back in the office full tilt tomorrow, Monday, every day dress. The clothes we wear can wrap us in good feelings.

pass it on

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Nothing glamorous tonight, simply feeling good about passing stuff on. Crazy good work week, and exhausted happy.

Oldest daughter living in NYC texted me this iPhone pic last night before she headed out for her dinner date, she’s wearing Worth New York. Heart is full.

Have a great Friday everyone, and let’s all pass it on. Love to all, xoxo.

variation of a theme

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Clients tell me they gravitate towards the same look, again and again. We say, love, wear, repeat. When you find what works, do it over and make it better. 



For trunk today wore a variation of yesterday’s theme and the day’s before: this time a new kind of funky white pant, black  bodysuit, again, and black jacket. Block heel white shoe boots provided a little leg lengthening, always welcome, and the camel bag added a third color, you know, third time’s the charm.






As we love work, food, family, and good clothes (and not in any particular order), dinner tonight was more of the same; a roasted vegetable, fresh greens, and lean protein on the grill. Yes, dill relish and ketchup add texture and depth.

If you’d like to add to your wardrobe rotation, visit us for an in person or online styling session at or We’re working trunk all this week through Thursday April 28th and then again May 10th – May 12th. Online, anytime. 🙂

Every day dress, variation of a theme, good clothes, good food. xoxo




Even the garden likes variation of a theme by self-seeding itself.


in trunk mode

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Professionally, we do four seasonal trunk shows a year. Helping women find clothes they feel and look great in is a pretty good gig. 🙂



When in trunk mode our desk is usually crowded with lots of tech stuff, empty wine and water glasses, and a bowl of dark chocolate m&m’s. There’s a small love seat, with a tea-table, topped with fashion books and flowers.

You’ll find us probably dressed in a column of black; tank, black leather skinnies, and a neutral suede shoe, all the better to try different combinations on.




Today we were loving a white stretch denim modal sleeve jacket, and then to switch it up the heather natural embroidered poncho, both from Worth New York Summer 2016.

After a day of dressing others, dinner needs to be quick.





Thank you Chrissy Tiegen, your Cravings Cookbook brought it in tonight with your Perfect Seared Scallops with Warm Corn Salad, delushious.

Every day dress, in trunk mode until Thursday. Wishing everyone a super great work week.

grace returns

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For 8:30 am board meeting yesterday wore last year’s grace pant under a black stretch cotton dress from years ago, that’s how we roll. Had to be out the door quick so once again minimal make-up, BB cream, and red lip.


Colleague Michelle and I set up trunk today and good news, the grace pant returns, in white and black pique. Fabric is divine, and the fit is spot on; waist down, contour yoke, slim fit, tapered leg, ankle length, lets you move baby.

Alice, working on your pant closet, stay tuned, everyone needs a little grace now and then.

To have a look at the grace pant and more book your appointment online for in person or virtual online at or

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