on the fence

Greenville, SC 

Emory University, Atlanta, GA

Three days, three states, four schools; college visits with 18-year-old daughter, 5th child of six. She’s not sure, she’s feeling the pull of the west coast, we want her east. First four all stayed east, these last two, time will tell.

Style wise we’ve personally let the hair color thing go, and we’re on the fence about that. No cut or color in over three months. Like the 27-year-old daughter that’s constantly checking out ring fingers, that’s her stage now, wondering where her peers are relationship wise, we’re checking out root lines. Grey hair on women is kind of a thing now, see Alison Walsh of That’s Not My Age and UK Vogue editor Sarah Harris, and we’re on the edge.

Loved when the husband went grey, sure it was an adjustment, honestly I think for him more than me, and at 62 I think he’s hot.

For me, really don’t love the salon time, and the residual hair-line halo that hangs around for a day or two, and that inevitable window when you need to get back for the retouch.

Yet style, every day style, is our thing. Nothing too precious, but enough to feel good, lift ourselves and those around us, and contribute to a better looking place. Kind of thinking there’s a place for women in there with uncolored hair. Don’t get me wrong, love a beautiful color, on women of all decades. It’s just one of those things in the realm where everything is possible we’re thinking of opting out.

Now in FL, getting ready to hit those 10K steps

What we know: daily movement is a must, wherever we are.

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  1. a great friend stopped coloring and she looks absolutely fantastic- for her it was a journey to embracing her authentic self

    • that’s so great to hear, happy for your friend. xo
      it’s a wild world out there, with so many options…
      thanks for reading, and commenting. 🙂

  2. Men can pull it off. Women, not so much. I’m a 54 year old from the South. Never want to be gray and don’t particularly like wrinkles. Call me a vain grandmother but I’m ok with that. Color every 6 weeks and a root touch up or color spray gets me through in between. I still have a freshman daughter in college as well as older married sons and my daughter is quick to tell me when my racing stripe is showing. You are a great looking young woman. Just say no to gray!

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