a go bag


Sometimes you’ve just gotta get up and go, having a go bag makes it easier.

Even if you don’t have the go bag proper like well-dressed MacKenzie on The Newsroom, having an idea of what you’d throw together at the last-minute is a good thing.

For quick trip to Boston MA, yes there really are abandoned snow-covered cars around, a couple of pair of jeans, two blouses, a nice new cardigan, and only the boots on my feet got me there.

Sample size beauty products, sunglasses, reading glasses, passport and wallet, all set.

Every day dress, what might your go bag look like?

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  1. I always have my necessities ready to go. It’s really worth having doubles of toiletries etc…to simplify the task. Since reading your blog, I have learned to pack a lot less and be less stressed. Have a good trip!

    • Less stressed is best. Karen, we should meet!

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