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Headed out to DESTINATION: CURE All Star Night in support of Roswell Park Cancer Institute last night. Very dear friends served as chairs. Their beautiful three-year old grandson was diagnosed this past July, so of course the entire event was incredibly moving.

What to wear and a little ease? While blogging about clothes and new shoes may seem so inconsequential while young parents work through rounds of chemotherapy with three-year olds and husbands lose their brides to breast cancer, we all need to get up each day and get dressed. When your clothes work for you and feel right the day, good or bad, is easier.

Event was black tie with over eight hundred attendees. Knew I wanted to feel comfortable so decided on same outfit as blogged about before- skinny black velvet pants and velvet peplum bustier. This time the clothes were mine and not borrowed for photos from the sample set. Also wanted to show this look in Friday’s fashion show as it is so very Dior. Really wanted to have it so placed an overnight order last week Tuesday, fingers crossed. Secaucus NJ, home of Worth New York’s warehouse, was hit hard by Sandy. Despite loss of power, how to get to work logistics, flooding, and property damage, incredible staff returned to work and hand-picked my order and others. Women all over the country could be dressed this weekend for important community events that raise funds and awareness for people in need.

With two events back to back and wanting a special look, my frame of mind was of course a little ease. The events would happen with or without the overnight order arriving in time. The fact that the order did arrive, and that my model was able to wear the outfit on Friday and I could wear it out Saturday, added a feeling of magic and hope while being out and dressed to raise funds to break the poverty cycle of women and girls and to cure cancer.

Thank you Secaucus staff and congratulations Lisa and Scott on an outstanding event. May you all now have a little ease.

Black Velvet Peplum Bustier, Black Velvet Simone Pant, and Liquid Gold Quilted Metallic Organza Coat | Worth New York Winter 2012                                                                       Very Prive 120 Kid Black/Red | Christian Louboutin

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  1. Where’s the coat? Would like to have seen that also, sounds beautiful. Thats a bold fashion statement and you did it justice!!

    • Hi Darellyn, the coat is in picture 3 as you rotate through. I know it should be a close-up, will show is again. Thanks for you comment!

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