a little etro


Blame it on the airlines? London Heathrow was the scene- a small place called Harrod’s. Always wanted some Etro. Since first flight out was cancelled and had to be rerouted through a new airport after an unplanned overnight stay, thank you Delta, a little shopping seemed to ease the pain.

Here is the takeaway: beautiful silk blouse, love it. Worn with belt purchased last year at WNY Women’s Foundation Fall in Fashion luncheon. There was some philanthropy…

After dressing to visit friends for chili dinner husband said, ‘nice shirt, where did you get it?’ Airport, baby, airport.

Wishing you all safe uncomplicated travels and happy airport shopping. Thanks, everyone,  every day dress has over 11,300 site visits.

Blouse, Etro, belt, bb simon, jeans, DL1960.

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