a new black sweater


While we’re all squeezing the last bit out of summer twenty fifteen and simultaneously trying to get back into a steady work groove, a new black sweater has been on the mind.

Happens always this time of year: the summer wardrobe feels spent and I’m feeling in limbo and wanting some change. Oldest daughter is feeling it too, she texted me from her fancy NYC job all I want to do is browse and buy fall clothing !! Not ready to do the wardrobe shift over, it’s still hot as heck, yet I’ve been around long enough to know that most women will wear and benefit from a new black sweater come mid-August. There are those cool nights you can pair it with your white denim or be bold and wear it casual over your swimsuit with wet hair. Come those cooler fall days, and come they will, simple to pair with standard black.

Just ordered this Black Leather Trimmed Cowl Neck Pullover, the one modeled by stunning Elaine Irwin on the left, and can’t wait to put it into the daily/nightly/weekly rotation.

Every day dress, a new black sweater.

Black Leather Trimmed Cowl Neck Pullover | Worth New York

70% Wool | 30% Cashmere | 100% Leather

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