a scarf now


Not a new idea in any way, yet now a scarf just feels so right. The silk twill kind of thing that might make you think of a man’s tie.

For an 8:30 am board meeting, some work at home, and then some work out in the field, wore what I really feel most comfortable in: grey jeans (yes, even to a board meeting), black turtleneck, black jacket, and a silk square at the neck tied on any which way. Ten years ago, maybe even five, would have never worn jeans to a board meeting – it’s good to feel good in your skin.


While out in the field at a colleague’s Spring Trunk Show, had to try this great raincoat and matching hat: downright adorable, Nancy, this has your name all over it.


And while the skinny jean can get you up and out, feeling a little over skinny: these pants here are definitely on the Spring Wish List.


One blog that has it going on and is a daily read: Preston Davis and Keep it Chic. Yesterday she was all about a navy bag, this one here is looking pretty chic, tried that on at colleague’s Trunk Show as well.


Every day dress, a scarf now.

all clothes and accessories (except for the jeans) | Worth New York

spring trunk shows happening now

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  1. Must try those pants. ‘Bout time for skinnies to move over and make room (no pun intended) for another leg. Slouch is good.

    • Totally agree with you on both, over skinny and slouch is good. It’s just too darn easy to stay stuck sometimes. New pant leg means new shoes. 🙂

      • but of course!

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