about the dress, or two

IMG_1412 IMG_1409 IMG_1413Our fashion colleagues at Tony Walker & Co. give us a great spot to run in and grab a dress, or two, when the occasion calls and we haven’t planned ahead. How does that happen?

Asked about the white dress from last blog post and here’s the deal: saw this Ibis Crossback while shopping with (four) daughters for blue jeans and fell in love. Needed/wanted something new for a summer family event and everything in the current closet felt a little too straight and tailored. Also brought back memories from sixth grade graduation, thirty-three years ago (how does that happen?) and still remember the white floral appliquéd crossback dress that was worn. Kind of crazy how much one can think about clothes. Bought the dress, added a black cashmere shrug and neutral suede shoes.

Daughter’s dress was grabbed on a run-in without her, she wanted/needed a dress too and that was the pick. She thought it was great and felt good in her clothes, we know that that’s important. Thank you all at Tony Walker & Co., you make it easy to dress well, and fast. Always like to support a local family business, too. 🙂

Ibis Crossback Dress | Tibi |  Tony Walker & Co. | now on sale at Tibi

Black Cashmere Shrug | Worth New York

Bond 75 Glove Sandal | Aquazurra | Barneys New York

Daughter’s Dress | Emmy | Parker | Tony Walker & Co.

Daughter’s Sandal (old) | Christian Louboutin

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  1. LOVE YOU!!! and for buying me my dress 🙂

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