(always) getting organized

Oldest daughter that flew out to Hong Kong yesterday mid-morning basically got to skip the first Monday of the New Year and went right to Tuesday, yikes, that’s like double Monday.

We here started with what we’re always doing, getting organized. Conference calls and planning sessions, and now that I have two direct reports professionally, one in sales and one in recruiting, seriously looked at some calendars.



First choice for sure would be any of the fashion picks from Smythson, my new sales manager uses this Fuchsia one; lovely, and effervescent just like she is.


I liked the size and the theme of the one at Barneys, slightly bigger and it has a map of Soho.  It’s a little more expensive, yet if you’re going in why not go all in.

While I don’t do resolutions, this year I’m moving towards writing more things down, so a new calendar is so needed, even though I do all the electronic stuff.


A favorite colleague emailed me after our conference call and suggested the American Express Appointment Books, one for the desk and one for the clutch, thank you, Christine.

Since I’m that woman who carries a really great bag yet rarely has any extra cash, always seem to spend it on great food to cook and clothes and shoes, and it’s January, I’m going for now with the one above, it’s free, lol.

Maybe we should rethink the resolution thing, (always) getting organized, and, every day dress.

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