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It’s Thursday afternoon before the last long weekend of the summer and everyone’s prepping for back to school | work. While we’ve done some work here and there all along a regular routine is what’s needed about now. Women (and men) friends all over are dropping kids at college, out shopping for supplies, living by the pre-athletic calendar, and waiting for those school bells to ring. One daughter started yesterday, the youngest daughter starts next week.

Sharing with you the home office space and what we wear on a regular office day: that exceptional shirt, white denim, pale pink scalloped Chloe shoes; perfect for phoning, packing, moving, grooving. Flowers on the desk are from the city garden.

September has always felt like a season of new beginnings. For us that means looking at moving the office off campus, it’s worked here for the past decade or so yet feeling the need for perhaps more proper or professional space. It’s great to work from home, so many advantages, yet growth is about change too and we’re feeling some change going on around here. Here’s a little about what we’re up to:

  • We’ve added a partner, Michelle, and she’s great. Prolific community volunteer, in love with her husband, and mom of three outstanding young men.
  • We’ve got an active search going on in Saratoga Springs to add to out team of what is now eight great and different women here in upstate that enjoy great clothes, total flex-time, and the opportunity to be aligned with a national luxury women’s fashion company and have their very own business.
  • Starting tomorrow, we’re on the look for some office and show space proper, we’ve dressed women in our dining room for a decade or so and now ready to reinvent.
  • The little blog here has 131 subscribers, thank you dear readers, 174,000+ site visits, and we have 229 followers on Instagram, we’re pleased. (Two teenaged daughters have over 1,000 followers each but hey, it’s a generational thing).

Here’s a small pitch, if you too are looking for a little reinvention we say now is a very good time, back to school, back to work, all about the lifestyle of every day dress.

Let’s all get ready for the best weekend yet and then hit the deck for an amazing back to school and or work week. xo

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