big hoops


Everyone seems to be jumping through some pretty big hoops to get to year-end: work, play, parties, travel, gifts, food, drink, kids, friends, kids friends, house, dishes, laundry, dogs, and this year even garden.

One gift to myself from the husband, we were together buying gifts for others at Chanel on Madison Ave, were these big hoops. Kind of fitting as it’s been a full-out sprint the last couple of weeks.


Trend alert for Spring 16: big hoops. Usually a diamond stud only woman, who really has the time to change the earring game up, decided to go big after being totally inspired by ultra-beautiful Elaine Irwin in the new Worth New York Spring 16 campaign. If I can’t get that face and body I’ll start with the earrings, and then perhaps the outfit.

Merry merry and happy happy. We’re almost there!

Every day dress, big hoops for Spring 16.

earrings | Chanel

Elaine Irwin for Worth New York

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