Booie in Dubai

Hello out there: I’ve had major writers, photography, style, and sharing block, so breaking the ice with a quick post about Booie in Dubai. 

She traveled there for a wedding celebration with a Boston College friend in mid-January. He was a friend of the groom and had a plus one and invited her as his date. I think it’s great that they’ve stayed in touch and made this epic trip together. 

I asked her if she would guest post as she is a phenomenal and witty writer, yet she didn’t bite. Here are her tips she sent me via text message:

  • Do your research. Check out the bridal party’s style, especially if the wedding is a different culture. (I can tell you there was a little Instagram stalking going on). 
  • Be considerate of modest dress codes and make sure you have something to wrap yourself in in case you feel too exposed for the crowd. 
  • A fully-fashioned black t-shirt goes a long way no matter where you are. (Booie wore hers (actually mine because we share) three times).
  • Mid or long skirts are always appropriate for any occasion even the beach. 
  • Throw in silk scarves for the pool.
  • Slippers for the long plane ride with compression socks, DUH. 
  • Wear basic sunglasses like Ray Bans. Traveling with designer sunglasses is anxiety provoking and kind of asking for them to get lost. 
  • Jewelry: same as sunglasses. Wear what you will wear and leave home the rest. When dressed in formally put your watch in the hotel safe, and that’s it. 
  • A nice passport case is lovely and can be used as a wallet for shopping abroad, hehe. It’s slim and easy. 
  • Last thing (and this is my content): she packed my black Carlisle t-shirt and tells me she wishes she had it in all the colors: white, red, navy, light blue. She says basics are all she’s been buying and all she wants to wear. Yay.
sitting on the job in the dining room, absolutely loving the spring 20 Catalina pant

That’s it, that’s all I’ve got. Presently working trunk show in my dining room and always keeping the faith, hoping inspiration hits soon. 

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  1. Soo cool.. she is living her best life!!!

    • Yes, so happy she had that experience. xoxo

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