champagne and potato chips


Several years after sixth child was born discovered the take away feeling of a good bag of chips. Never really knew what the big deal was before then, must have been all the responsibility that made me want to tuck in. Paired with a glass of champagne, mouth heaven.

Loved that the Pebble Beach Food & Wine festival confirmed and affirmed the love. Had the pleasure of being my sister’s guest, she does all kinds of big party event work on the west coast, and last week Sunday we tasted six different glasses of Grand Cru with potato chips, truffle popcorn, two grades of dark chocolate, two different cheeses, olives, pesto, and freshly sliced bread. Kind of a nice way to greet a Sunday morning in CA at 10 am.  Forget the Wheaties, breakfast of champions for sure.

Also memorable, the Burgundy Tasting and Patrón. Miles apart yet equally significant? The Wines of Burgundy had men in suits, Patrón had young women with big smiles.

As I was back here on the east coast this last Sunday, Easter, had to totally do the redo. Champagne and potato chips were the definite go to side-kicks while cooking ham and eggs for eight.

Every day dress loves a glass of champagne and some chips, who doesn’t? Thank you, Tracy, loved being with you for three nights and four days.

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