clean out the fridge


Okay, friends- fashion, food and lifestyle here: clothes, like groceries, have a shelf life.

Life comes at us fast. When feeling overwhelmed with the pace of it all we often dump our stuff on the floor and let the fridge go a bit.

With quickly facing a change of season it is prime time to clean the fridge and clean the closet. Closet can feel like a huge job, been there. My advice? To begin to get a sense of order start with the fridge. You know what to do. Follow Martha’s advice. Check that off the list, feel a sense of accomplishment, and move on to the closet.

Out goes anything you haven’t worn in twelve months. Anything you won’t fit into, big or small, and anything with stains or tears that can’t be repaired. White jeans and white tees really only look good for one season, maybe two at best, and need to be replaced. Donate what you don’t wear.

Figure out your favorites- real butter, half and half no low fat stuff, great coffee, great produce as related to great fitting jeans, silk blouses, and nice dresses. Buy frequently, use often, replace and replenish.

Your day will be easier when you get rid of the expired stuff. Food and fashion.

Today, for two hour committee walk through for Fall in Fashion 2012 luncheon, networking/recruiting phone calls, dinner at home and seventh grade math homework wore Worth New York’s Flannel White Streamliner dress from Spring 2012 and Manolo Blahnik kitten heel shoes. Husband loves the heel height, daughter’s don’t. Clean the fridge, clean your closet, and every day dress. xo

Talk to me, I like to write. It’s therapeutic and mind clearing. Every day dress has over 7,300 site visits. Thank you. Let me know what you would like to see more of.


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  1. You have a great way of writing that makes the reader feel like we are involved in your day. Thanks for sharing. The Worth clothes always look great! You have any easy sense of style and entertaining.

    Keep them coming. Thanks Rebecca. Your time is appreciated.

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