cooking class in Provence

style note: white aprons, white chef’s shirt, white Jcrew shirt, black tees and tank
lemon zest and scraps that didn’t make the cut
dessert prep

For one perfect afternoon while in France I cooked alongside four of my favorite females under the direction of Chef Gerald. It was extraordinary. We assembled a two-course meal that included boning and filleting fish, making stock out of the bones, honing our knife skills while making an exquisite ratatouille, turning fresh basil into an incredible puree, and using liquid nitrogen to produce our fresh strawberry dessert. 

Booie learning pan tossing
Lexi giving it a go
four of my favorites, missing Lizzie

You know my tagline is ‘wear good clothes, eat good food, love those around you’, and anytime I get to spend in the kitchen, particularly with those I hold close is most precious to me. I love the idea of passing on a love of cooking and caring for others by providing healthy delicious food and good times around the table with the next generation. Chef Gerald had cooked for us before, five years ago while in L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue. This trip we booked him for a cooking class and a seated five course dinner for ten through He was absolutely terrific on both occasions, highly recommend.

Booie getting ready to fillet her fish

I do whole chickens all the time, nice to switch it up, will definitely have to practice
notice the mandoline, we used that too
Chef Gerald supervising, it was such a great afternoon
I think everyone should live in Provence and take cooking classes
we all had such a great time, and made really delicious food
dinner is served

how beautiful is that? dinner outside in the garden…
Caroline admiring her work
adding some wine for a small little garden meal
playing with liquid nitrogen

It’s the last Friday in June, we’re back in the states, and I’m going to keep this good thing going by making a scratch crutch strawberry rhubarb pie.

Have a wonderful summer weekend, and hoping you too get to spend some time cooking for those you hold close.

All photos by Maxwell Collins on Instagram

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