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As Summer 2012 turns to Fall, I hope all of you out there have had a place to go to let your hair down, so to speak. For me, it is an idyllic hideaway- the place where every day dress is whatever you want: a long maxi sundress on the lower deck or the same outfit you have worn three days in a row- vineyard vines shorts and jcrew white button down shirt, un-ironed of course.

Cook food that is easy. Silver Palate ‘linguine with tomatoes and basil’ unplugged. Use what is local. 2 pints homegrown cherry tomatoes, pleases those that say they don’t eat tomatoes, can you believe that, homegrown basil, garlic, good olive oil, kosher salt, two pieces brie, rind removed and torn into bite sized pieces, and the ultimate best, DeCecco whole wheat linguine. Toss it altogether, Linnie, you don’t really need a recipe. Locally made Mineo & Sapio chicken sausage with spinach and feta, arugula salad, fresh bread, french and california white wine.

Plant some mums. It’s time. There were pumpkins for sale at the local market today.

Celebrated Monnie’s 73rd birthday with cupcakes. She looks pretty good, can still rock sleeveless, and wears Worth New York, of course. Whatever the occasion, make an effort, put on some nice clothes, light some candles. Every day dress.

Monday is back to spreadsheets and phone calls. Enjoy.

ps. husband says he wants to do a guest blog post on wine…so excited…what do you think out there?



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  1. I think I’m going to make this pasta this week! At least attempt to…

    Husband (daddy to me) should definitely blog about wine… we all know how much he loves it, might as well share with others!


  2. Would love a guest blog on wine! Fabulous idea!!! I look forward to your link everyday!!,

    • Thanks, Ann. Husband says he has some good tips on wine for labor day weekend under $30. Now I need him to really post!

  3. Love your blog. Your mom doesn’t just look “pretty good”, she looks fabulous! Good genes…


    • yippee! another comment! thanks so much! it get’s lonely here sometimes!
      yes, I agree, fabulous is the word!
      xoxo let’s get together next time you are in town…

  4. All I can say that, (just looking your photos) you’re in America and you’re American. Looks too perfect to be real. And I think you would like to live in Europe.. Why I can see the difference? I don’t know. Don’t ask me, I am really naive…

    I hope your first choice is not Paris, as 90% of Americans say. Paris is full with tourists dreaming of clichés. . (I’m living in different countries in Europe (long story).

    Btw, DeCecco is not one of the bests my dear : ) But the most exported, as Barilla.. Try to make it at home, quella sarebbe la pasta migliore!


    • first choice is Italy…or Spain.

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