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Been a little slow with the post feed, sometimes you can feel a little all alone out here. 🙂 Travel schedule’s been crazy, and working a Trunk Show downtown to boot.

So, here goes: Saturday night stood in the closet and pulled on multiple outfits, nothing seemed right. Husband promised two teenaged daughters tickets to One Republic with a friend each and we were the escorts. Final pick? A crew neck sweater from last season and white skinnies. Honestly getting a bit tired of skinny jeans, but they really always seem to work and in a hurry.

Once you get dressed and out the door it all seems easier. The gorgeous beautiful teenagers even had outfit anxiety and they had really nothing to worry about. They chose short shorts of some kind and tank tops, how hard is that when you haven’t hit twenty?

Thinking the crew neck was okay. Every guy in the band, and there were six, had on a crew neck tee. Even THEY had outfit anxiety, or so it seems. Lead singer, Ryan Tedder, expressed at the end of the show before the Louis Armstrong encore that they had toured upstate for what has seemed like forever and next time they pass through they really want some new clothes. They’re pretty much in the big time now and were headed straight to Jersey. How funny, how true. We all like new clothes.


Next day, Sunday, did the country thing and let it all go. At the end of the day it’s really about family and coming together. Salad, sautéed zucchini, and grilled chicken with bottled BBQ sauce.


Every day dress, crew neck. Boys in the band? You all looked great, wishing you much continued success.



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