day 20+, checking in, checking out

haven’t hit these up, Peloton early am instead

Came for the weekend, staying for twelve plus or so. Husband says every day can be a Saturday, not quite there yet.

We’ve been checked in at downtown Greenville SC Springhill Suites, and have yet to ride those cool retro bikes. Peloton yes, every morning in the hotel gym, and outdoor steps 12,000+.

yeah, kind of logo-ish but who really cares….
two packable Kaminsky hats, one cotton blouse
it’s not black, not solid, not neutral, progress….

Bought a few things for next stop Kiawah, a fancy pair of sandals, two packable sun hats, and cotton voile long-sleeved go-everywhere blouse. Left home without them five or so days ago, second daughter Booie packing them up to bring them south, thank you Booie.

Every day dress, checking in, checking out. Soon there will be eight. And the next day eleven.

ps. for sure the blues don’t match, Lightroom CC on the wish list.


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