dear worth new york


Dear Worth New York:

About fourteen years ago bought my first outfit from your designs. Pregnant with the sixth child chose an emerald-green straight skirt, turtleneck sweater, and cashmere and wool wrap, occasion was the christening of said child. Since then your clothes have become an essential part of the every day dress.

Have always loved beautiful fabric and design. Taught myself to sew in the sixth grade and would stitch up new skirts for the first day of back to school.  Even made jean styled pants and perfected the top-stitch. Prom dresses, the wedding gown, five bridal attendants, and two flower girl dresses all came from the heart and the trusty Bernina. Bound button holes, Florence Eiseman styled appliqués and Halloween costumes for four, no problem.

Growing a family and creating a household brought monthly issues of Town & Country magazine. There I caught your full-page ads: beautiful classic women wearing beautiful classic clothing. Decided then that I wanted some of that.

Now I wear your clothing regularly, and dress my clients in your designs for their every day and important life events, and find and train other women to share the love.

Your designs make us feel good, make it easier to get dressed well, and give the value I sought when sewing. Thank you.

Have just returned from France and with half a dozen European trips now logged have come to discover that the first thing I put on after the day or night or both of having spent hours and hours in travel clothes is a dress. A dress feels fresh, and pretty.

Wanted to let you know that the dress I wore for the first day and night, exactly one week ago, in Burgundy, was from your Winter 2013 Collection. Ordered that months ago and wore it for Christmas Eve in Sonoma CA. The floral pattern and matching floral cardigan was considered a stretch by some yet I fell hard. That was December and now it is May, the dress keeps going.


While shopping in Paris just four days ago saw a long floral chiffon skirt and yet again, a matching floral cardigan in the window of a boutique on the rue de Cambon. Worth New York, thank you, your dedication to your craft and your good eye gives us the style and fashions of Paris with the ability to dress ourselves and others in the comfort of our homes, not sure what out there is better than that. For me, the luxury of the product line equals the luxury of having a flexible work life, and being able to share beautiful clothes with beautiful women all over is the best of the best.

Thank you sincerely,

Rebecca at every day dress

Black Silk Chiffon Floral Dress and Cardigan | Worth New York


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  1. You look beautiful in that dress. I just got back from three days out of town. My suitcase had several Worth pieces (“several” because I pack too much.). It is amazing how I always look and feel terrific in Worth — and get compliments from others. Thanks, Rebecca!

    • Thank you dear friend. 🙂 packing less is always more. 🙂 less to deal with, less to carry, more time to play. 🙂 So happy your suitcase had Worth!

  2. You are so stylish and look fabulous in the Worth dress and coordinating cardigan,

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