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Since the age of about seven have had a love affair with denim. It’s got to be the quintessential American fabric.

Linen, in the summertime, is quintessential, as well.

Paired together, denim and linen, and you’ve got an easy and workable summertime look. Denim skirt and linen shirt, both in dark indigo. Skip the camisole underneath, its way too hot and instead do a lacy black bra, La Perla we like, and you’re good to go.


Fashion note: while it’s fun to show a little lacy black bra underneath a sheer top, showing a white garment tag is not. Missed that, photos of your backside reveal details. White garment tag will be carefully snipped out.

Denim and linen, dressed up a little in an asymmetric skirt shape and dressed down in an easy linen shirt. Every day dress, on the streets of Boston MA, summertime 2014.

For a First Look at Fall, meet me at The Buffalo Club, Tuesday, July 15th through Friday, July 18th. Call text or email for your personal consultation. Personalized fashion for your distinct look and lifestyle is the best.

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Denim Skirt Linen Blouse | Worth New York

Sandal | Valentino

Bag | Louis Vuitton

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