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Thanksgiving Eve, gathering the goods is done, prep work in process.

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To keep things going have decided that when something is good, and works, double up. Mid-week cooked up some beef stew, added double vegetables, although not with the potatoes, kind of wondering why potatoes have such a bad rap with the husband, he refuses to eat them. Apple tart, times two, yet single crust, no need to double up that deliciousness, right?

Denim on denim, yup, that’s me. Double up, kitchen and wardrobe. If it works, do it twice.

Happy Thanksgiving all.

xoxo, every day dress.

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The two beautiful blondes? Gwyneth and Lisa (Lisa Gersh, you can google her, no wikipedia page yet), in last week’s New York Times Sunday Styles. As this is fashion and lifestyle, still so miss Alexis’s blog,, even though she hasn’t posted since 2012, (Martha’s daughter), have to say we read and love Goop, even if it’s a bit commercialized, best wishes, world domination, good luck with that.

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