For this Memorial Day weekend, choosing some downtime. Downtime not really . House will be full in several hours, all six kids home and dinner out tonight for ten, eight of us plus two dates.

Downtime as in pause, remember, reflect. Remembering the men and women that gave their lives while serving. Yes, amid a flurry of family activity will pause  throughout the weekend to reflect on our many blessings and to remember those that came before and served in the highest sense. Every day dress honors all Americans who have died while in the military service.

For downtime on a Friday afternoon, wore new distressed DL1961 Amanda skinnies, a heather grey flannel easy cowl pullover (44 degrees here in late May), and Tory Burch sandals. Chanel 657 Azuré Nail Colour is a current favorite .

Wishing everyone a time to pause, remember, reflect.


Jeans | DL1961

Sweater | Worth New York Fall 2012

Le Vernis Nail Colour 657 Azuré | Chanel Summer 2013

Don’t worry mom, I know that both you and Tim Gunn don’t approve of the jeans. They will undoubtedly end up in one of three daughter’s closets this weekend. Fourth daughter doesn’t yet fit. 🙂 Funky nail colour? That will come off after a weekend of gardening…


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  1. Gorgeous! Happy MDW!

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