dressed up sportswear


For weekday road trip decided on three shades of winter white. Baby it’s cold outside so first layer was a lightweight turtleneck. On top a pullover jacket with shorter sleeves than the turtleneck, liking the alternating lengths, and grounded it all with winter white trousers. White pants can be tough on even the best days so had the tailor remove and close the front pockets, so much less distracting than seeing pocket linings on those thighs. All three pieces purchased three different seasons and put together for one monochromatic look. Mixing tones and textures keeps things interesting.

Open toed suede sandals, cashmere wrap, and Céline pony bag showing a little love and wear and tear, much like the woman, finished the look. Easy to wear pieces, dressed up by being in all winter white, for a road trip on a cold December day.

all clothing and cashmere wrap | Worth New York

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