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Just packed up second daughter for her road trip to Newport RI to work for a month in probably one of the best summer spots ever while you are young and single. After her month of work she heads to Boston MA for her second year of college. Smart, intellectual girl.

As this is a fashion and lifestyle blog it encompasses in my mind both luxuriousness and practicality. These shots include Louis Vuitton luggage and clothing wrapped for travel in bed sheets with packing tape.

The ‘body bag’ method is something I have learned from my year’s of hosting trunk shows and putting on fashion shows. When packing clothes that will travel by automobile, it is super easy and convenient to lay them flat on a bed sheet, alternate tops of items every five pieces or so, package it up like a gift, and wrap the whole thing with packing tape. Keep it the size of an extra-large duffel bag. That way two people can easily carry it or one can schlep by themselves if need be. Been there schlepping plenty of times by myself. This method has come in oh so handy to pack kids off for college and/or graduate school. Oldest daughter has become a convert and has taught her friends how to pack this way too. These ‘body bag’ packages fit easily in trunks and back seats. It is amazing how much stuff you can get to and fro using this method.

Louis Vuitton luggage? Definitely luxurious but also practical as you can bang it around and it lasts for years. Worth the investment and makes super great gifts. Recipient will always remember the year and occasion.

New wheels for second daughter? Luxurious and SAFE.

Safe travels booie. Love you. Thanks older brother for accompanying her. Love you too.


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  1. body bag, best way to pack!

  2. We will miss her too!!

  3. I will take great care of her, dont you worry!

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