endurance training


December is total endurance training. If you too feel like you’ve been on the non-stop treadmill, the clothes you wear need to support all day sessions.

For two nights in a row of dining out in Sonoma CA, wore the same outfit. When traveling with family and friends I’m never shy about wearing the same outfit twice. They don’t even notice; everyone is more concerned with what you might be cooking them for breakfast or where that night’s dinner reservation is.

First piece of the outfit is a Wolford bodysuit, those things last forever and always look good and feel even better. On top of that goes leather and ponte pants (new this season) and then a belted jacket with sweater sleeves that packs and travels well, and is chic, warm, and comfortable.

New favorite shoe is hands down the Aquazurra black suede. Wore those into town last night and walked home in the dark on country roads two miles, no problem.

Hope everyone out there had a wonderful Christmas day with family, friends, and loved ones.

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