eternal lace crush

At about the age of five remember being entranced by the intricacies of lace, never mind the color or shape, simply loved the spaces within.

Now at fifty-two the crush continues. Wore a new piece to lunch today with a forever friend, and obviously paired it with denim as most mornings we’re on our knees pinning hems or hauling boxes or running to USPS to overnight fancy dresses.

This love affair will continue, come holiday dress-up time we’ll pull out the ankle skimming sexy satin skinny’s and black suede sandals to wear with this new wardrobe keeper.

Every day dress, eternal lace crush, and beyond. xoxo

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  1. Hi~ Love the top, may I ask where did you get it?

  2. I love your selection of shoes and handbags.❤️They always seem to fit the outfit! How do you select the perfect shoe and handbag for each season?

    • Hello, Kerry, and thank you. I kind of collect handbags and usually buy 2 or 3 pair of shoes/boots early in the season, most often before I buy any new wardrobe pieces or look for the season. Footwear is challenging, and I do it early. xo

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