Fitness Goals 2020

September 2019, 54 years old, Hermes bikini

Okay, so this morning I watched the ad, the 30-second holiday Peloton spot that’s caused a stir. Yeah, it’s a little idealized yet I’m okay with that. I get that it’s a white wealthy couple probably living in a white wealthy suburb and that the bike costs about $2,500+ and that that’s all kind of outrageous and unfair and yet that’s me in that ad thirty-one years ago. 

Thirty-one years ago, husband gifted me a stationary bike for Christmas, we had just had our first son and exercise was one of our daily habits. In fact, we met at a gym, I was a trainer before trainers were a thing and he was a client (I was nineteen and he was twenty-nine and that was outrageous) and that’s how our story started. 

So, for Christmas he gave me a bike, and I loved it. It meant I could ride without going anywhere while staying close to our son. I used that thing as much as I could and I’m convinced it made me a better parent, a better partner, a better person. 

Over the last three decades our fitness routines have ebbed and flowed, much like our respective body weights (personally peaked at 177, pregnant with twins), sometimes up, sometimes down, and that’s okay. What has stayed consistent is our commitment to move our bodies, and I always tell my daughters when they are struggling with anything at all to move their body, to go for a walk, to get a workout, whatever the struggle it always feels better when you can walk or work it out. 

black tank, blue denim, white sneakers make it easy to get those steps in

This Christmas, he gifted the Peloton, I’m thrilled. Two rides in and thinking of joining their 2020 Challenge. I’ll still walk, firm believer in 10,000 steps a day, and I’ll still hit the gym and the pool. It just makes me feel better, think better, do better. 

For 2020 I’ve got some fitness goals. Yes, they involve weight loss and yes, I know that can be touchy. Numbers are a unit of measurement so I’m going with it. 

If I could I’d gift everyone the desire to move, and if I really could I’d gift everyone a Peloton. Wishing everyone health, fitness, and happiness in the new decade.

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  1. My husband gifted me with a Peloton bike for Christmas too! It gets delivered tomorrow (they botched the first delivery date) and I am definitely doing the 2020 Challenge. I’m also planning to set a goal to do 100 rides in 90 days. What’s your Peloton ID? I’ll follow you when I get set up …. #MichelleBW

    • Oh, yay! We can ride together virtually! I think my ID is rrcollins. Will figure out once New Year stuff calms down a little. Happy happy New Year!

  2. A one piece is so flattering!

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