for your burger


A few easy ways to fancy up your burger if you too are grilling out in your backyard this weekend:

  • saute some mushrooms and lay them on the burger before you melt the cheese.
  • grill the buns, maybe spread a little salted butter on them, butter is love
  • arugula, the best thing going now on any sandwich, love it
  • ketchup, in small personal ramekins will make anyone feel special

Can’t help myself, in addition to thoughts on dressing women in beautiful clothing I can’t stop thinking about the next meal before the current one is even done.

Still think about this burger from Sticks restaurant, The Inn at Spanish Bay, Pebble Beach Resorts, with my sister a month or so ago. Miss you Tracy, wishing you and yours a Memorial Day weekend of special times and good food. Come on out to the east coast and I’ll cook for you all.

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