friday night shenanigans


After being gone girl for darn close to three straight weeks the only outing we’re doing is the grocery run.

Our idea of a dream Friday night is a good dinner, a glass of Cava, (or two), and very early to bed. Friday night shenanigans’, indeed.

Spent the day in the kitchen, doing a nice pan-fried chicken garnished with fresh, local pea shoots for lunch, a big side dish of sautéed haricots verts with shallots for the fridge, and a little riff on a Nicoise Salad for dinner: pan-fried halibut topped with a slightly overdone poached egg. Yolk was still a bit runny, thankfully; must have been first out of four to hit the barely simmering water.

We’re 91% through with our professional cook certification and currently posting a 96.3 grade, whew. Hope to wrap this up in the next few days, we’re really missing our style fix. ūüôā

Wishing everyone a restful, soulful, mid-summer weekend. xoxo

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  1. My kind of Friday! Looks great as always! Would love recipes…and if I may ask, what online course are you taking? I’ve toyed with the idea but was overwhelmed with too many to choose from.

    • Hello, Wendy. Thank you for reading, and the love. As for recipes, kind of thinking that that would weigh down my site a little, there are so many great recipe sources out there and honestly, maybe some day some day I’ll do a book, probably a better format for moi. As for cooking school? I’m enrolled at Rouxbe, and would definitely recommend. Visit here at

  2. Rouxbe looks fantastic, Thank you!

    • Rouxbe is beyond fantastic, I have learned so much. Interested? They have a promotion, win/win, you save $75 and I earn $75, how nice is that? Click on this link here for more info:

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