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For WNY Women’s Foundation What She’s Made Of Celebration 2015 at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, definitely got my crush on; Dr. Esther S. Takeuchi you are brilliant. How amazingly cool to be a prolific scientist, inventor, and at times in your career, the only woman in a room of smart and accomplished professionals. How beyond amazing that you are inspiring other women and girls to believe that they too can achieve and Invent a New World through science. You spoke of not being afraid of failure, and to keep on doing things. Yes, your words were more precise, yet those ideas so strongly resonate with me, having four daughters, and in having a relationship with two son’s girlfriends, one a mathematician.




Now for the serious fluff stuff: wore some new neon orange crush Cuban heel pumps, we’re not going near super heights with the feet anymore, and a purple grape crush crepe dress. Added a pop of fresh white with a small geometric wristlet. Outfit felt fun, and appropriate, thank you design team at Worth New York .


Dr. Esther S. Takeuchi, as strange as this might sound, I’ve got my crush on you. So great to be in the room with you last night, and so great that you are moving and inspiring others, thank you. Let’s all not be afraid of failure, and always keep on trying and doing new things.

pumps | Karera 45 neon leather | Christian Louboutin at NET-A-PORTER

dress and wristlet | Worth New York

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  1. Love the dress! Where is it coming from?:)

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