Neiman Marcus devotes twenty-seven pages of its September 2012 issue the book to a fashion spread titled ‘ever greens’. Wanted to share with you one of Worth New York’s takes on this happening color.

Borrowed this blouse and skirt from the sample set that resides in my living room until tomorrow afternoon. Youngest daughter took the photos and said ‘mom, you really need to change the scenery up’. Well, when you work all day from home with gorgeous clothes I guess that pretty much explains the back drop.

Hope you enjoy the images. Model, me, is wearing Parakeet Washed Charmeuse Draped Cowl Neck Blouse size L and Parakeet Ponte Seamed Skirt size 4. Notice the pins to fit. That’s what I do for you too so you can get an idea of your size when trying on samples. I will pin to fit you or not and have sizing down to a science.

To see or try these samples in person call me at 716-445-3033. They are delicious.


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