high and white


For weekend family events wore a crewneck elbow length fit and flare white knit dress. Left the full-on skin show this time to the under thirty under twenty set.

Knits are easy to pack, take minimal room in the carry-on, only need a quick shake-out, and you’re good to go. Ready for the day/night in ten minutes flat.


We opted out of the complimentary continental, and cooked in instead. No egg hunt this year, and no chocolate bunnies, simply family time and real food. Missing you E and EJ.


Hoping everyone had a soulful weekend. xoxo

white dress | Missoni

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  1. Hi, Rebecca, I had a thought I wanted to share… I think you should consider writing a post on “Rebecca’s Picks” each time you get to evaluate a new season of Worth NY. Much like stylist Ken Downing does for NM or Gayle Spannaus for JCrew. Speaking for myself, it would help in trying to decide what to buy ( since I can’t have EVERYTHING!) Your past posts are evidence that you always seem to select very wearable items and also highlight items I would have never considered, but are fabulous! Just a thought…

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