in boston ma with just a carryon


Feeling very Angelina, I wish, with a Louis Vuitton speedy duffel packed with all black clothes for my two days of work on Newbury Street.

As it is too late to now make any more recruiting phone calls, here is a quick post with what I packed: two black dresses, one sleeveless, one three quarter, one pair of black jeans, one black leather tee, one scarf. All black undergarments. Two pairs of black shoes, both heels- one sandal, one wedge. Not shown but essential? Two pairs of running shorts, sports bras, athletic tops, and purple Nike sneakers. (had to get some color in there somewhere). On the plane of course I wore black skinnies, black tee, flat sandals. Why bring three additional pairs of shoes for a two day trip? When your feet feel good you feel good.

Here is my tip for the day when you are traveling for work and super busy and need to get out of town and still have a million things to do: pick one color and pack all in that one color. Less stress, easier exit. Black rules when working.

All clothing shown is Worth New York and photos were snapped on an iPhone.


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  1. Beckie it’s funny we have the same taste in shoes & handbags

    • Hey Tracy- miss you, can’t believe it has been so long. Sending love and kisses. xoxo

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