in France you don’t need much


When you’ve put together a pretty good wardrobe it doesn’t take much to out-of-town and get yourself overseas. A couple of caveats: everything you take you must be able to carry yourself, and every shoe you pack you must be able to walk cobblestone streets, country roads, miles and miles, and up and down stairs.

Pick your neutral, whatever it is, and build on that. This trip, plenty of black and denim. Black jeans, black skirt, black dress, pretty much core. There’s a half-dozen tanks and tees in the bag, white, grey, black, a white cotton shirt, black leather jacket, black blazer, silk scarf, and two black bikinis. One pop of a camo print dress, all black shoes and boots, a couple of  bags and a cashmere wrap or two and we’re good to go. Even the workout wear is based on black so it can be mixed in with the street stuff.

No over thinking, no time for that, when in France you don’t need much.

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  1. When am I going to find myself a Bill Collins!?!?!?

    Miss you hope you are all having such a blast. XO

    • soon baby soon. keep on doing what you’re doing, every day dress, and good things will happen. xoxo

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