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poppy field outside of Ménerbes France
black tank, black denim

Three days ago, while traveling to Ménerbes France we stopped roadside to photograph this fantastic field of poppies, I adore single color floral arrangements, and this was beyond. 

blue painted shutters, white jacket

For the day-trip I wore black denim and tank, a silk hair scarf as a belt, and a white fringed jacket. It was okay, didn’t feel out of place yet didn’t feel the best. Travel is tough, you want to look good and like you fit in. Picking the right stuff to bring can cause anxiety. 

All black always works for day of travel and layers up the success rate. You never know when and where you might find yourself. 

on the road with this crew for four weeks

This trip we will be on the road for four weeks plus, so the packing thing was a big deal. First stop Spain, daughter and I packed two small bags. For the France leg we had two large bags sent via and they were at the house when we arrived, genius. The two large bags were split between five of us, me, husband, and three of four daughters. We will ship them out ahead of our departure in mid-June to lighten up what we carry day of travel home. 

all about blue
always inspired by blue and white

Back to the wardrobe: while walking about Ménerbes we took photos of this beautiful blue sports car. I love the blue and grey paint tones of the shutters and the limestone on the streets and the buildings. In this wide world of color why do I so often wear black?

While working black works, I’m surrounded by rails of garments in all different color stories and the focus is on helping my clients find what they should wear where, and I can’t be distracted by what’s on my body, I want to blend in. 

Same with day of travel because I consider that work too. Getting to a place dependent on others means I want to blend in and not be distracted as well. Not in a haphazard or unthought of way, the black denim and the black sweater are usually pretty nice, and I always wear good enough shoes.

It’s in the countryside and the resort towns where I long for more color. For me black is default, and there’s so much more out there. 

Two days ago, we went to Saint-Rémy, the village where Van Gogh had himself institutionalized for over a year. If I couldn’t wear color, there I’ve definitely lost my way. 

greens and blues
trying out color

Went out on a limb and pulled from the case khaki green skinny jeans, a blue floral linen blouse, and a blue cashmere V-neck sweater. The blues didn’t match, that was the point. 

buying asparagus, apricots, and cherries
market day
mama and daughters
bought this blue ring from her, 20 euros

It was market day, and there was a woman with two young girls. She was selling jewelry of her design, from the back of her van. I bought a blue ring. I’m always inspired by women working alongside of their kids. I asked her if I could take her picture and she smiled and said yes. 

So here in France I’m thinking about clothes and thinking about color. Travel makes you do new things. 

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