keeping it real



Bought these out there pants months ago, never worked them into the rotation (kind of didn’t hem them), so here they are, mid-September. We’re all about keeping it real:

  • we say ‘yes’, way more than no, even when we’re not qualified
  • we simply roll the waistband when we don’t do the tailor job ourselves for the perfect hem
  • instead of over thinking the hair mid-week we simply knot it up
  • black is always good
  • movement every day is key, lifting heavy things twice is a very good week, thanks Jordan and Booie
  • we don’t shop at the mall, instead add to the wardrobe over time at seasonal trunk shows
  • we’re all about good food, and good (or any) wine
  • we kind of don’t care that it shows that we’re all about good food and wine, skinny and ageless we will never be
  • we like getting things done, figuring things out, and (sometimes) being downright scrappy, hey Michelle!






To get these outfit shots sixteen year old daughter and I hop in the car and drive two minutes to remote industrial lot. She clicks away, I feel a bit awkward, it all goes down in less than five. Not perfect and not 100%, simply saying yes and getting it done.


Every day dress, we’re all about keeping it real, and fun.

Wednesday, woot woot!

Wearing a mix-up: Rebecca Minkoff at Tony Walker & Co. jacket, Wolford bodysuit, Worth New York pant, Gucci bag


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