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You’ve seen the styled and travel photos, with two daughters on lock-down in a suburb of Boston MA decided I needed to write briefly about life work. This writing is therapy, thank you for reading.

Like most women, I make many things work. Family and home life yes, quite definitely, and now finally feel like I’ve cracked the life work nut. Working from home with the backing and support of a multi-million dollar fashion company, complete luxury.

Being able to offer another woman flexible work hours so that she too can take care of her two sons as a single parent and giving her the knowledge and feeling that she is safe and that we understand, win win.

Another woman said to me on the phone yesterday the only thing that is certain is uncertainty. Probably, today I know that life and work is happening, and wishing everyone out there life work balance and a feeling of safety.

Every day dress at home working today. Long week.

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