living in it

Another non-stop Monday: today was one of those days that you kind of want to pull the covers over your head while wondering how you’re gonna make it through. Two daughters marked tardy. Monday Monday.

Happy to have this black sweater and black tropical weight wool trouser. Both have been in the machine on cold plenty of times, and both have been photographed and blogged about before. When there’s something out there that works and works well, we’re all about sharing here at every day dress.

These two pieces saved the day. Dressed and out the door. Three visits to the United States Passport Office, client phone calls, client black jacket wardrobe drop-off, desk work and middle school lacrosse game.

Every day dress, living in it. A little leopard print flat and camel bag makes it even easier. Thinking we’re all living in it.  

Quinn Pant and Dolman Sleeve Pullover, both Black | Worth New York

Flat Shoe | Christian Louboutin | bought these in San Francisco CA in December 2013

Bag | Vintage Hermès | gift from husband 🙂

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  1. What detergent do you use when you wash your wool and tropical wool? Are you familiar with I thought I was adventurous in the laundry room. You are inspiring.

    • Hi Anna, use a front load Samsung, delicate cycle, Woolite for darks, hang to dry. A little little fabric softener, not too much. Iron, if I have the time, haha, and go. Have seen on some of the upper end sites, haven’t explored yet, on the to-do list. xo (wish I could still do trail runs, I’d come run with you).

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