London Clothes

I’m kind of always walking behind them
out and about
bought this Alexander McQueen scarf for her at Selfridges

The last week of November 2019 I spent 4 days in London with my two youngest daughters. We all wore kind of the same thing; neutral colors, good boots, no blue denim, for sure no rips. I wish I had taken more photographs; we were on the go non-stop. 


At the V&A we saw two exhibits, Cars: Accelerating the Modern World and Tim Walker: Wonderful Things, both fantastic. 

We saw The Lumineers at The O2, Lizzie cried they were so good, and the play #WeAreArrested by Royal Shakespeare Company, Lizzie cried again, as it was so moving and relevant to our times. 

new cell phone case with tube ticket in pocket
boots, neutrals, coats, hats
London nights…
on the tube
I did travel in rips with a carryon and tote

The three of us kind of upped our style game a bit and wore dresses with boots, plaid coats, stylish hats, it was great to get out of our usual. 

London clothes, every day dress. Many photos IPhone and unedited, it was a go-go.

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