you look like you’re working


Stopped in at husband’s office today and he said, ‘wow, you look like you’re working’. 🙂


Yes, and that’s a good thing. Even better when you get to wear full on denim and bronze footwear. 🙂 Full disclosure, we were doing inventory, and packing, and shipping out to multiple states.


Still at it, and posting this during a quick little break.

Can’t help myself with the emojis, working with beautiful women and beautiful clothing is a very good gig.

We love to every day dress. Hump day everyone! xoxo



ps. Even with denim wear your good lingerie, what are we all saving it for? Thank you Lace & Day.

Denim Shirt | Worth New York

Raf Simons Stan Smith | NET – A – PORTER

great bra | shop local ! | Lace & Day

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  1. I just love your attitude and style Beckie!!!!
    An inspiration to all… Even those of us who are a little less apt to show off our less than attractive brassieres!!!! ❤️

    • Jane, get yourself some beautiful lingerie!!It’s life enhancing. We women are all beautiful, go with it. xoxo
      If you were back in BUF Emily and her sister would take exquisite care of you at Lace & Day. Miss you.

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