love yourself


‘Love Yourself’, tagline of favorite online luxury lingerie site, Must admit that it was husband that found this site after being intrigued by fancy things I would bring home after traveling to big cities and stopping in places like Agent Provocateur in San Francisco and La Perla on Madison in NYC. LOVE Nancy Meyer Fine Lingerie, thank you husband.

‘Love Yourself’ is printed on the inside of each box that arrives tissue wrapped and hand packed. Fine lingerie is the building block of every good look and can make you feel and look great even while wearing blue jeans and a button down shirt. For the best fit and look take time to follow online measuring guidelines or put yourself in the hands of a trusted professional. It is amazing how many women wear both clothing and undergarments that are sizes too big.

‘Love Yourself’ and visit or forward the address to your significant other. Coming up on twenty-five years of marriage- invest in fine lingerie. Payoff is without a doubt nonnegotiable and very significant. Every day dress, even what’s underneath.

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