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Okay, so we’ve got this kind of struggle: post or not? We say post, as this is about the every day, the long haul, the sustainability. There are times that style/fashion blogs get us down with the always new, always fresh, we just can’t keep up. And, with raising daughters and launching two adult sons, also with young women in their lives, wearing something new all the time just doesn’t feel right, let alone get along with the bank.


With the recent closet cleanse and wardrobe edit here are some things that made the cut:

  • navy wide leg wool pants, high waist, with front pockets, Donna Karan, purchased eleven and a half years ago at Bergdorf Goodman.
  • white wool blouse, jewel neckline, elbow length sleeves, back zip, purchased from Worth New York maybe five years ago? can’t really remember. (remember the above pants as it was a 40th birthday NYC shopping trip).
  • luggage tote, Celine, added to the handbag rotation September 2012 while wine tasting in Italy. now, four years later, and at 51, I would probably only buy an Italian made bag while touring. and, when in France, would similarly buy a French brand. this bag is showing wear, like our face, and it’s okay.
  • the footwear? new boots, made for work and walking with a stacked block heel, really the only kind of thing we can think about wearing on our feet lately. shoes that look and feel good, and can go for days and miles.

We like to write and inspire about style and lifestyle. We love beautiful clothing and things that are new. We also love what we can count on, and things that have been around for a while. These things and more to come, all made the cut.


And this is how we wore it after hours, with the ubiquitous denim and some favorite been around Chanel boots, to third daughters late afternoon field hockey game. Our clothes should be multi-purpose, for sure. Women want clothes that work.

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  1. You’ve taught me to respect the basics I love to wear. Thank you. And purging — our closets, houses, refrigerators, relationships — makes room for what matters most.

    • oh, thank you. love knowing there really is a connection out there. xoxo

  2. Wish I knew what Goodwill you dropped off at……..I would be there scouting out!

  3. While I enjoy the fashion posts, I really love your food, celebrations, and …really just your general style and attitude posts. Those posts are the ones that inspire me to light the candles, stop at the farmer’s market and enjoy it all! Thank you!

  4. While I enjoy the fashion posts, I love the food, celebrations, family and just your style and attitude posts the most. They are the ones that inspire me to light the candles, stop at the farmer’s market and enjoy it all! Thank you!

    • Got it, and thank you! While fashion is my profession and a passion, feeding those I love trumps all.

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